Finally back to work!

Date Posted: 25th Mar 2009 at 12:46 AM

Update 4/05/09: Project Complete submitting today.

Bonus Artwork:

Download with Mediafire (pictures and meshes included in .zip)

Just felt like posting that after a year spent trolling around the community on a downloading binge I've finally started creating things again. I've got a couple Ace Attorney projects finished and in progress (about 80% complete)

Franziska von Karma is at about 80% complete. Mesh-wise the fat morph is exploding so I'm just going to get rid of it because I don't think many people would use it anyway. Texture-wise I need to work on her shoes, her cravat-bow thingy, the neckline (which gives me the most headache), and some minor tweaks here and there. I'm pleased that the jewels on her outfit actually reflect if you have that enabled.

Klavier Gavin is done. I don't want to say much about him because I haven't asked permission from Aikea-Guinea to share it publicly as I used her shoes and pants/shoes textures for it. If she gives me the go ahead I'll include his outfit and an alpha edit/retexture of a newsea hair I did for him when I post Franziska. Update: Received permission from Aikea, included preview pic at the bottom.

Third is a little bonus, tacky pink young Phoenix sweater which is also complete, though I may play with the bumpmapping a little bit.
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The current status of things

Date Posted: 21st Mar 2008 at 4:44 PM

Ugh, so my focus has been a little off lately.

Right now I'm very slowly working on some Equilibrium outfits jlmssa87 requested a month ago (I'm so slow, I know -_-; ). I think my slow pace is partially because I've been doing some massive spring cleaning in my game, hair binning, clothing re-categorizing, and I just learned how to delete all those unwanted ages in hair (which is probably going to take forever but is totally worth it).

The rest of it is because I'd really like to get back to making Ace Attorney characters. I scrapped my order again and I'm probably going to be doing Franziska and Mia (in attorney wear) next. Conceptually, I've got Franziska planned out, I've just got to start making her. The main points of Mia have also been decided, I just have to work out the little details like how I'm going to make her magatama. Mia is going to be Warlokk's classic pinup body shape sized, which is fun, I really like to play with his body shapes.
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Future/Current Projects (in no particular order):

Date Posted: 14th Mar 2008 at 9:19 PM

-The Quincy Project
-Shiba Siblings
-The Arrancar uniforms

-Edward (various styles)
-Alphonse (human)
-Amestris military uniform (various styles)

Ace Attorney
-The Feys: Maya, Mia, Pearl
-Franziska von Karma
-Maggie Byrde
-Trucy, Ema, Klavier, Kristoph
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