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Taking a break

Date Posted: 11th Aug 2009 at 8:22 AM

This will be very disappointing for some, but for the next year I am taking a break from creating. The end of this month marks the beginning of my final year in university and I need to focus on that.

Of course, this will be horrible, terrible news for the people still waiting on the remainder of my Manor House Collection sets and those recolors of the MH Kitchen I promised. My decision is based on the fact that school will always come first for me. With this being my last year, I cannot afford distractions.

Now, what will happen after I have my diploma in hand? I have no earthly clue.
It depends on how much I miss creating. Also, I'm sure that the pool of Sims 2 players will shrink considerably in the time I'm gone, probably due to the 2 or 3 TS3 EPs that will have been released during that time. So, my decision will also hinge upon what level of interest there is in Sims 2 objects.

I'm not retiring, though. At least not now. But, I can't say I'm definitely coming back, either. For now, just don't expect anything from me in the coming months (I say expect because I might post some things here and there during holidays, but that isn't a promise).
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News and updates

Date Posted: 18th Jun 2009 at 11:32 AM

I just uploaded a small pack of countertop recolors for the MH Kitchen counters. Recolors of the actual counter bodies, with matching options for the refrigerator, potrack, etc. are coming soon. I'm actually trying to get some more work done on the architectural set which is why I'm sloooowwwllly releasing these kitchen set add-ons and recolors.

I do also plan on doing a Dirty, Pretty Things recolor for the kitchen like the one I did for the bathroom. That should be fun.

In other news the Sims 3 finally came

I have no plans to acquire TS3, or make items for it. Since my system is less than a year old, it isn't a matter of being able to run the game. It has to do with my feelings towards EA and their practices, coupled with the fact that there doesn't seem to be as much as a leap between TS2 and TS3 as there was with TS1 and TS2. And then there's the part where the sims look like the humans in Wall-E (what IS that about???). Also, I'll be damned if I'm giving up all my CC to start all over.

In other news, I am in summer school so that I can graduate (FINALLY!) next May, but I plan to use this summer to get at least two of the MH sets completed and released. We'll see how that goes...
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Busy Busy

Date Posted: 30th Apr 2009 at 4:49 PM

As with every school year, the second mid-terms hit, the days seem to contain fewer and fewer hours.
I haven't been able to respond to pms or work on any sets due to school. For now, consider me in hibernation for the next couple weeks.
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Updates, updates

Date Posted: 20th Apr 2009 at 5:00 PM

Since the release of part 2 of the MH Kitchen, I've been busy with school and other not-so-fun things.

On the simmy front, I'm preparing to release a recolor set for the MH Kitchen of different counter tops. Of course, I also have some recolors of the actual counters and such, but as usual, I'm going to break them up so that downloaders aren't overwhelmed by what I have to offer.

I've learned my lesson about promising that set releases will happen on a specific time table, so I'll say that the countertop set will be appearing "soon".

Also, I'd like to mention that I was interviewed for Living Sims magazine's April issue! If you haven't already read it, please check it out
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MH Kitchen pt 2 is DONE

Date Posted: 29th Mar 2009 at 8:07 PM

The set is finally finished and ready to be uploaded! Unfortunately, it looks like there are some ongoing site issues here at MTS2, so I can't upload anything until they are resolved =[

Click here to see HQ pictures of the pieces in the MH Kitchen part 2 set.
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Working on MH Kitchen Pt. II

Date Posted: 28th Mar 2009 at 9:15 PM

It's full steam ahead for the release for part 2 of the MH Kitchen. During the past week I've been cleaning up shadows and doing finishing touches on textures and meshes.

For instance, I've already gotten a few questions regarding the hanging pendant lights in some of the preview images for the appliances pack and part I of the kitchen set. Well I changed them to look a bit more polished:

Obviously, it's a very small change, but I think it makes a big difference. If all goes well, I should be done with everything tonight (Saturday) and be ready for uploading tomorrow (Sunday).

Fingers are crossed!
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Date Posted: 25th Mar 2009 at 7:35 PM

I got a package today!

What could it be???

It's my new video card!

It's much, much better than my old card, and cost me about $30 less than my old one did when I bought it new.
I can't wait until my day is over so that I can put this thing in and get to work on the second part of the MH Kitchen.
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Boo-urns! Another delay =[

Date Posted: 23rd Mar 2009 at 5:35 PM

So, it's is the 23rd of March and already I'm getting messages asking why the second part of the MH Kitchen wasn't posted as planned.
Halfway through my vacation, my video card died on me. It was less than two years old, but last Wednesday it went out, not with a bang, but with a loud pop and a sizzle. That was fun. Did I say fun? I meant terrifying.

The good news is, I was able to crack open my case and remove the card so that my computer could start using the video card built into my motherboard. The bad news is, that card sucks. It's good for surfing online and regular computing, but it sucks for games. It renders everything in The Sims in the lowest graphic settings possible

I've already ordered a new one from NewEgg, but it won't get to me until Tuesday. Now that schools back on (boo-urns!) I'd say the second part of the MH Kitchen won't be out until this weekend Sorry to disappoint.
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Date Posted: 4th Mar 2009 at 8:22 PM

Yes, I suck for not posting the second part to the MH Kitchen yet.
Good news is, my spring vacation will be from Mar 16-22. So it will be posted then!
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MH Kitchen Pt II status

Date Posted: 11th Feb 2009 at 6:13 AM

For those waiting on the second part of the Kitchen set--it's finished. I complete these sets in advance, so the second part of the kitchen was finished well before the release of the first part of the MH Washroom.

So what's keeping the set? School.

When school is in session, any inclination I have to work on my simmy projects is overwhelmed by massive guilt over all the labs I need to finish and all the presentations I ought to be working on.

Right now, I'm just waiting on a free weekend in which I'll have enough time to put the finishing touches on the set (pictures, object descriptions).
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