I am now taking !!LOT REQUESTS!!

Date Posted: 30th Apr 2009 at 7:15 PM

Hey Everybody. At the moment i am out of ideas of what to build as a followup to my ye olde mall. So I am now taking requests. Lots of any size can be residential or community and absolutely anything in the world. fast food restraunt, roller disco, Cheese parlour (IDK?) ect. ect. Anything Post your ideas here(with pictures i liked da piktures:P) If your design is chosen you'll get a PM from me telling you that it has been chosen. Dont worry if your design hasn't been chosen for my next lot because i will come back to this list for a second lot and maybe a third or a fourth and so on and so on.
Thats it for now. Just reply to this entry with pictures!! Thanks
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Date Posted: 22nd Apr 2009 at 6:13 PM

Hey There Simmers.
Ive just finished my MTS2 Debut (drumroll please) The Ye Olde Mall! The Victorian Mill Mall If that makes sense.

Click Here to download it! :D
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