The destroyer is come upon us, and you shall know it by its name: Sims 3.

Date Posted: 25th Jul 2009 at 9:11 AM

Well, this has been a fun week.

I was working on my hotel a few days back and my computer froze. That's par for the course, really--old-ish computer, massive 60x60 lot, tons of crap to load up. I couldn't even work on the lot without cranking my settings down to minimum, and I usually had to give it a rest every hour or two. Expected behavior.

So I restart it. And after loading up Windows, it freezes again. I shut it down, come back a few hours later, boot it back up, and it freezes again. Repeat this about five more times before I finally accepted the inevitable.

Sims 3 destroyed my goddamned motherboard.

I was able to salvage a portion of my stuff--all the important things, like my writings--but everything I hadn't saved to the sim bin or exported got sucked into oblivion in the obligatory harddrive wipe. That's about 50 hours of work put into one lot gone, just like that. Closest I've ever been to crying over the Sims. It'll teach me to be a bit more vigilant about backing my crap up, at least.

I'm thankful I at least had posted on the feedback forums, so I have the floor plans I can use to recreate it--if I ever get the energy to do so.
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CAS binge too overpowering, send help

Date Posted: 13th Jul 2009 at 6:31 AM

Holy crap! I have a journal? Sweet! Now I can never update it!

I have a few building projects in mind, but right now I'm on a total CAS kick. It's bad. Real bad. I was on a small sim creation kick in TS2, but it was just for fun and they were never what I'd call unique; those were the days of face template 1, after all, and it was just too easy to make an attractive sim with zero effort. I gave up on creation in TS3 really early, as I couldn't get anybody to look right and was far too lazy to download a slider hack or default replacements.

Now I have both and the difference is just night and day. I don't know how I got along without them.

Elijah (above) is probably going to be my next upload. It's with reluctance that I do so; namely one, I seem to have this weird complex over the strict sim submission standards thinking that all my submissions would end in TOTAL FAILURE NOOOOO. The other is that he's part of a cast of characters in a story that my friends and I have been working on for about three years. If I upload one, I'd try to upload them all. And then I'd get nothing at all done. It's a sad state of affairs.
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