Date Posted: 29th Sep 2009 at 8:20 PM

I'm glad my not so pearly teeth have been a hit it took many hours/days of fiddling to get them how I wanted. I did try when creating them to do missing teeth but it works on a mirror design so if you erase one tooth then the one on the other side will go too....buttttt I may try at spacing the teeth out that way they will look a bit gappy and not so well lined up if you get me.

Also I've put my prince of persia on hold at the moment as I'm feeling too lazy to fiddle around with his beard. I've got my first semester of my second year of uni coming up this week so I'm going to be a bit more busy and any stuff I start creating from now on will prob take a bit longer as I won't have endless days to waste but hopefully I will be able to carry on uploading stuff, I have so many ideas in my head I just can't get round to doing them all at the moment!

I have spent all day packing all my life up into various suitcases and bags ready to move back down south to uni and I still have to clean my fish tank out before I go. Ebay has been distracting me too, as soon as any money goes in my bank account I'm like hmm ebay so many pretty things. I think a nice relaxing bath is in order
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