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First off, Thank you for downloading my projects. Makes me feel special when you do =3

Ok! Here are some Rules and Stuff about my work:

- Upload my work as your own.
- Upload/Redistribute my work onto Pay Sites or Any site of that sort.
- Upload On a Sim On The Offical EXCHANGE. ***
- Recolour/duplicate/using my textures/alpha or remake any part of my work.

You Can Though
- Use my Work for your game. (Of course)
- Edit my work for personal use, I.E. You want a different colour of my "Punky Checkered Bracelets" and you can edit, you can, but just use it for your game only.
- Use my work in Movies, Screen Shots, Stories, WHATEVER! Just link back to either my Site or Here.
- *** But However you can Upload my work onto sims that will be going onto sites like Here, or Non-Pay sites but aslong as you tell me first, add link and the send me a link of your work so i can see how awesome it is!

- Here, On a PM would be more affective
- My Site. Alternative Rock 4 Sims 2
- Sims99 or the Sims99 Forums (But you Have to join for that, but come on over and join us!)
- YouTube (Same again, just be joined to send a PM)
Remember, if you don't get an instant reply, don't panic, or anything. I propably at school and you'll have to wait till later. Or it didn't get through OR i just havnt' had time on the computer to check everything yet. So yea.

I really have nothing else to say other than.

Enjoy =3

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Hey everyone. Been quite a while since my last creation upload so i thought i'd bring you something new.

15th Feb 2008 at 8:20pm in » Everyday

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"And If All That Can't Hold You Back.
Then I'll Jump For You..."

Tokio Hotel - Don't Jump/Spring Nicht

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