Simply Spring is done, and now for some Fuze!

Date Posted: 16th Mar 2012 at 6:15 PM

With Simply Spring now uploaded after some minor problems regarding the pictures themselves (thanks Lee for the help; you're the best! ), I shall now head on to Electric Fuze. Since it, like SS, is on the very end of being done, I reckon I ought get them out of the way, so then I can turn my whole focus on the murals (which still have a lot of work to have done). I hope to have EF uploaded soon, however. Within the next week if things go swimmingly. Longer if RL decides to throw a temper tantrum.
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And I'm back!... sorta...

Date Posted: 29th Feb 2012 at 10:49 PM

Okay, so I sometimes wander back to modthesims and drool at my own uploads (a little self-adoration never hurts anyone ), and I had a hankering to go look at a mural set that I had started to make a year and a half ago but never finished. In doing that I actually discovered 2 other sets I had made (Simply Spring and Electric Fuze). They were mostly finished, though a fair bit of work remained for both. I've now finished Simply Spring (and its in the upload queue). I plan on getting back to Electric Fuze and eventually the mural set (the latter of which still has a large amount of work left to be done) in the coming days/weeks/whatever. I am very busy in real life with work and school, and I must say almost a year ago I became severely addicted to LOTRO. I also play STO a teensy bit, and with EQ going f2p on March 16th, I thought I'd give that a go (since some LOTRO friends are planning on doing the same). So modthesims will take a backseat behind all of that. As you can see, even with all that, I still managed to send Simply Spring off to the upload queue, so it is my hope that I can do the same with Electric Fuze and the murals, and even more sets after them.

So, um, yeah. It feels real good to be modding again, even if I'm only doing half the work right now (since these first 3 sets are already half-done). The murals are by far the hardest wallpaper set I have EVER done, and yes that includes the Of the Vine - Green set I uploaded ages ago. Having to take murals that span 4 (and in one case 5) wall slots and then make them repeat, that is no easy task. Oh, I do so hope that when I finally finish it that it gets approved! Its complicated, because for at least 3 of them you'll need the exact amount of wall slots so that the mural is repeated an exact amount of times (otherwise at the end it won't repeat). For the other 3, however, they are scenes from "within walls" so to say, and so therefore I can just take the wall pieces and repeat them several times. Still... very complex. We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?...
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Date Posted: 25th Dec 2010 at 1:18 PM

Well, in case anyone is curious, I have done... NO WORK ON ANYTHING! And it feels so nice not to be working on any wallpaper/flooring set!

Anyway, I got Sims 3 Deluxe for Christmas. My older bro moved out a month or so ago, taking his copy with him, and so I knew I'd need a copy of my own. As a matter of potential interest, I also got Tron: Evolution. I'd read up on it beforehand and the computer specs I saw indicated my computer would handle it no sweat. However, the internet was wrong and my computer actually can't handle it. My computer was all but screaming at me: Guess that goes to show you really should have someone read the requirements directly off the backside of the case if they are planning on buying it for you, and then have them double-check that your computer qualifies. *sigh* Oh well; I'm planning on returning it; I think I'll get the new Karate Kid movie with the money I get from it...
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Thanks Psycho!

Date Posted: 25th Aug 2010 at 9:38 PM

Well, since Psycho is no longer able to give such speedy and frequent feedback for my walling and flooring sets as he has for well over a year, I have decided to close my thread in the Creator Feedback Forum. I asked for more feedbackers, but I guess people who are around frequently didn't notice. I mean, it has been a year. They've probably automatically skip my thread because they assume (having so many pages) that I'm getting plenty of feedback.

In light of this, I'm forging on ahead in my own timing, which will be a huge relief. Now I can take a break and no one will know. The only down side is that I forgot to take a look at Psycho's final suggestions, so I don't remember whether there was anything he had suggested I do. That was kind of dumb of me, wasn't it?
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Walling issues...

Date Posted: 6th Sep 2009 at 5:29 PM

At the moment all my walling pieces are only compatible with Windows. They will not work on Mac, or any other OS (or shouldn't). My future sets should, however, and when I get a chance I will edit my current three sets so that they work on Mac/etc as well.

*timewarp* They are now compatible, and I hopefully will be back to creating new ones. I've been preoccupied for several months, what with school and work.
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I'm into walling and flooring and I got Sims 3!!

Date Posted: 22nd Jul 2009 at 4:29 PM

My brother recently purchased Sims 3 and has shared it with me, so you may expect to hopefully see some Sims 3 houses from me in a while. I have a modern house I'm working on, but real life has kept me so busy, I don't get much time to devote to the house. On top of that, I still have two huge lots in Sims 2 that I'm working on that I plan on uploading. One is a Medieval castle with a moat and everything that a dear friend dreamed up, the other is a Victorian-style mansion of 4 floors that I absolutely love. I hope to bring all 3 lots to ModtheSims2 as soon as I can, but it is likely to be a while.

In the meantime, as you can see, I've been working on walling and flooring sets, since they are relatively easy for me to make and devote time to. I've been bitten by whatever bug you get bitten by that causes you to go into wallpaper-flooring mode. I've got one set (actually, two sets released together) completed, uploaded and approved. These would happen to be my Lovely Yellow and Lovely Pink sets comprised of 8 wall pieces (4 each) and 4 floorings (two carpet and two tile, one of each for both Yellow and Pink sets). Next in line comes Kids Beach Fun in three color styles: Blue, Orange and Pink! This set is currently waiting to be approved, and it has 21 pieces total: 12 wall pieces (4 each) and 9 floorings (three carpet, three tile and three patterned tile).

I currently have 2-3 sets I am working on. Regal Black (4 wallpieces atm, plus two flooring -- one tile, one carpet) is ON HOLD, due to a HomeCrafter Plus issue that is currently unanswered in the Sims 2 help forum. Then there is Rosen Cream and Of the Vine. Chances are, these two will be released together, because Rosen Cream is just too small to be released on its own. Of the Vine, on the other hand, currently has 71 wall pieces!!! I am not planning on making any flooring whatsoever, simply because it is already so huge. Between the 71 Of the Vine pieces and the 1 Rosen Cream, I think that is a pretty good sized set, eh? :P
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Images back up to par, and M&S SP newly purchased!!!

Date Posted: 12th Jun 2009 at 9:41 PM

I've finally gotten my hand on another gig of ram a few weeks ago. I now can have sim/object detail, lighting, and texture detail maxed out. For a while I also had Graphic Effects maxed, but that was too taxing on my poor computer's systems, so I have put it back down to low. It isn't what I'd like it to be (I wish it could all be maxed out and still run smoothly), but that's just life.

I've also recently ordered Mansion&Garden SP from amazon, and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I've wanted this SP for a long time now. I've heard (and seen) some neat roofing stuff that would be nice to have (as opposed to the horrible basegame roof styles), and more gardening stuff (decor and flowers, etc). I'm really quite excited to tell the truth.

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No more Livingston Lanes! AND bad images...

Date Posted: 28th Feb 2009 at 4:43 PM

That's right! I've decided that I'm done with Livingston Lanes. The ones I've made thus far will stay, but I'm making no more. I don't really like making random lots, so I decided to get into themes. I'll build stuff in one theme, then when I get bored I'll move on to another theme. Currently, I'm into a brick "sesame street"-style theme, the lots of which are to be named # Pennsylvania Avenue.

As you can see in the Creator Feedback forum, I've already got my first one going, a corner commercial lot. I hope to be uploading it soon, but I'm also currently juggling three college courses, my job and the rest of my life, so I find that ModtheSims2 (and the lots I am currently making) often take a backseat. I often find that DAYS go by without me getting a chance to even consider working on my lots.

I will let you in on a secret: even though I have only one Pennsylvania Avenue on display in the CF forum, I actually have three other lots that I am working on (an apartment complex, a park and a modern medieval lot for another theme; plus a completely empty commercial lot for a future restaurant). So keep an eye out for them!


As for the second part of the title for this entry, until I get a new memory stick for my computer, I'm afraid no picture I take will be of good quality EXCEPT the pictures I include in my uploads. Progress pictures will not be good at all. I cannot have the graphics settings ultra-high for picture-taking while I'm working on the lots. So, please bear with me until I get a new memory stick. Currently my memory stick is barely able to handle Sims2. I'm hoping that, by doubling its current capacity, my computer will be able to go ultra-high with no drawbacks.

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