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Peridoxial Information

Hello everyone! This is Xefi (aka Peridox), a non-talented Simcreator who can only recolor objects. But most of these have some special, odd quality about them... who am I kidding.

I cannot make meshes or 3-D anythings. I thus like to use original objects from the game and put a twist on them.

Currently my project going on are 'Simangas', that is... books that look like Manga for your sims! All they are, so far, are recolors of default maxis books, but apparently people like them.
Keep an eye out for 'King of Bandit Jing', my favorite little-known title, for your Sims soon.

Requests Policy ~
I take requests -at my leisure-. I am not obligated to your every whim because I am going through college and have a life of my own. I'll take most requests as 'suggestions' and you may or may not see results later.

I cannot make you meshes. I cannot provide you with material on paysites. Beggars will be ignored.

I seem to get many of these lately even though I'm not very big on the favorites list or anything. First and foremost, if you have a question about my downloads, go ahead and ask!

...but if you have a question about the website OR the official Sims2 website, please visit the help sections on either one.
ModTheSims2 contains a massive encyclopedia of help tips that can much more easily explain anything about the game/website than I can.

Those who are wondering about certain sims in my screenshots, ones that cannot be found here on MTS2 are probably on the official Exchange. That is at the Sims 2 webpage, and you must have registered your games online to use it.

I WILL NOT provide you with registration codes to get online. If you're playing a Sims game with a fake code, shame on you.

So please, before asking me, check out the handy FAQs. They're more patient than me.

Recoloring Policy ~
All my works are recolors. So... go ahead and recolor them yourself. But if you use my hand-scanned images, please PLEASE PLEASE give some credit.

None of my stuff should ever appear on paysites. EVER.

If you wish to upload something with my objects in it (a house, store, etc.) feel free to do so, just give me a mention.

Final ~
I'm really not trying to be crabby! xD I love you all! Have a wonderful day!
For more of my things (AKA Sims) check out http://pl0ximity.blogspot.com/

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:alarm:***VERY IMPORTANT*** Thanks to Numeror, a new version of the Adult career is here.

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Ninja Career for Teens, Adults,...

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