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#26 Old 28th Aug 2010 at 10:43 AM
I decided to make a new thread for sequel, cause it's a bit stupid to discuss about it in welcome thread...

Please go here if you want to talk about Love Never Dies:

Cause this one is made for new friends and new fans, I hope no one get angry

The end of magical Pegasaus's era through the world of sims
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Default Hi
Hi, name's yubaman (I'm not really a guy, mind you), and I've been a phan as you call it ever since I first heard the musical. Anyway, I found this wonderful elephant prop (comes with separate giant fish props) "for Sims 2" on this genius's blog (I thought it would look nice for a "Hannibal" scene), here's the link:

I hope you like it. And Haphazard Helena, what happened to your gorgeous costumes, I loved them!!
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