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All my friends call me Jess, I don't really care what anyone calls me.

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Jessaveryja is a member of the following groups:

The club for British and American people only!
For all the simmers around here who love photography, being it watching it, taking it, editing it or everything ^^
Everything started with this wonderful game!.So why not have a group remember it? Come and join!
For those of us who don't like miss Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, and annoyed when people who like her pollute our discussions about her. Or if you just don't get what's so great.
Group for MTS members who live on Earth.
Dont you just love your teens with all the cute outfits you can get them like scene,emo.goth,glamour,cute there are just so many and why not post the pics of your teens with the Fashion pics thread.
There is no group for us nice little British simmers? Well, now there is!
Do you love going to movies? Yeah. I do too. Talk about all the new epic (or awful) films and why they rock so much (or suck SOOO bad)!
Talk about your favourite song, comment your favourite music and recommend your favourite band!
This is the group for all fans of both TS2 and medievalness.
For all the people from MTS who uses Facebook
Well, if you love coca cola JOIN!
Naval Criminal Investigative Service
For all those Gimpers around MTS!
This is a group for unpopular People, and for meet other people, I hope...
For those of us who don't like Twilight.
Do you like/love That 70's Show? If you do, this is the group for you.
WARNING! Unsolcalized Homeschoolers. Interact or communicate at your own risk! - For the homeschooled simmers to mock the public schoolers. ;)
Males attracted to Females and vice-versa.
A group for all simmers that love architecture and put their ideas into virtual reality in the Sims.
Concerned about our planet? This is the group for you. :)
For all that enjoy arts and want to share and talk about it.
A place for us teenage MTS users to hang and talk.
A group for anyone who enjoys cooking to talk about food, share recipes, etc. :)
If you love any type of animal, you can come here, discuss and share info and pics
For people whoo want to discuss firearms
A group for MALE Simmers to hang out in to discuss guy stuff
Any one who likes The Beatles, TALK AWAY!