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Villager Question
I'm at the chapter where you get to know the four villagers. I got through the first three, with checks and all, but the last one on the panel. His name is Emobi Whetu and he said something about the plane. But I forgot what he said and I'm stuck on what to do for him next. :confused:
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Doesn't matter what he asked for. Ignore it. Just try to befriend him: Joke-joke-joke-talk-joke-joke, until you get 35 daily, then gossip-play red hands-gosip-gossip.

I can tell you that the first time I played the game, I didn't understand what everyone wanted (didn't pay attention), and befriended all the 8 sims as usual....
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Thanks! It's weird how there's two ways, because I don't think the other three are my sim's friends, but I dunno. I wasn't paying attention... Thanks again!!

EDIT: I found out he wanted to fix the plane. So I accidentally fixed the broken work-out thingy, and checked him off.
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I finally got the chance to play through Castaway Stories this week-end.
The villagers do ask for specific items or actions and when you complete them, they immediately befriend your sim. I'll list them here incase anyone else is interested.

First group of villagers

Kiri - wants your sim to light the trash pit on fire.
Timoti - wants to be invited to play chess with your sim.
Orama - wants a singing stone, which you can get by playing the singing stone game and winning 10 consecutive rounds.
Emobi - wants your sim to repair the broken exercise equipment in the village.

Second group of villagers

Tumata - wants your sim to play the drums.
Rainui - wants your sim to push her on the swing.
Ahio - wants your sim to spearfish and catch a fish.
Akolo - wants your sim to catch fireflies and give him the jar.

Be sure to chat with each first, they'll give you clues to what they want and don't forget to recieve your gift from each.

I'm really enjoying this little side game and I hope this helps someone else : )

... Anybuddy know a cure for Alien withdrawl?
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I enjoyed playing Sims Castaway a lot. Good luck!

Yes, you can either perform the task they want or just keep talking to them and eventually they'll become your friend. I performed the tasks because they were easy except for finding the fire flies. The fire flies task is the most difficult (imo) because they are only out at night in one specific location (from what I saw) for a short period of time so good luck on that task!
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