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#1 Old 8th Jun 2008 at 1:17 AM
Can you adopt the jaguar?
I have finished story mode with both Jessica and David, adopted a orangutan and a hyena, done everything you can do in the game, but i can not find the jaguar since i tamed it to let me into the village! Does anyone know if it is possible to adopt it? I think it is because if you hover over the mood bars on a hyena it mentions how to care for a jaguar ( its the castaway version of a cat), and why would they bother having the leaf as a story reward if you can only use it once? Does ANYONE know anything about this?? :confused:
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#2 Old 8th Jun 2008 at 3:58 AM
As far as I know, you can't (although it's a "kitty", lol) - only orangutan and a hyena.
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#3 Old 30th Jun 2008 at 4:27 AM
I've added Mata to my family but it didn't do anything, couldn't be interacted with.
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#4 Old 22nd Aug 2008 at 5:33 PM
Aw man! I wanted the jaguar too. =.(

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When Playing the game I only adopted Mata - the orangutan. I didn't know you could adopt a Hyena but I never tried - I wizzed through on Easy mode on a very wet day

Maybe you could try in FreePlay?

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#6 Old 9th Sep 2008 at 7:06 AM
Truly adopting Mata, while is possible using various hacks, is pointless. She is impossible to interact with.

I have found that the only way a jaguar can be adopted AND interacted with is if you open the file of the jaguar in SimPE and change it from "cat" to "large dog." Even then, you'll have to put up with the jaguar barking, and its hind feet sinking into the ground during some actions.

However, in those circumstances the jaguar can be interacted with and owned.
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#7 Old 16th Feb 2009 at 5:14 AM
sad that she cant be adopted. she was adorable. and aparently "she" is a male because if you look closely at her icon it has male symbol.
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I'm still upset we can't adopt her.
The other pets struck no interest with me, only her.

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#9 Old 16th Feb 2009 at 5:38 AM
Originally Posted by negneg189
I'm still upset we can't adopt her.
The other pets struck no interest with me, only her.

I know. I dont get the whole thing about knowing her yet you cant adopt her.
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#10 Old 19th Feb 2009 at 4:54 AM

I am playing Castaway stories right now. Decieded to check out my heyna stats and i saw this.I think they are adoptable you just need to look for them. Why would they put this then?
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#11 Old 21st Jan 2011 at 9:21 PM
Hey guys!
I want to adopt jaguar too. I found some site that has quide how to. But i don't know if it's possible to adopt jaguar only in the story mode or also in freeplay mode. I tried in storymode and it works, but I couln'd get it in freeplay mode ( I want it in freeplay )

And there are more than one jaguar to adopt. They are:
- Mata (there are 2 Matas, female and male)
- Hau
- Tapu
- Hakari

Hope that helps you all

Here's link:
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#12 Old 18th Dec 2017 at 10:29 AM
I want the jaguar in original game! But I just managed to make a miserable jaguar-cat using his skin from LIFO image. But God, hoooow I want it to be in shape and size that it was like a jaguar from the Castaway Stories!!!!!
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#13 Old 10th Jul 2019 at 2:17 PM
Originally Posted by Darina Rose
I want the jaguar in original game! But I just managed to make a miserable jaguar-cat using his skin from LIFO image. But God, hoooow I want it to be in shape and size that it was like a jaguar from the Castaway Stories!!!!!

By the way, if someone needs such a cat-jaguar, there is a link to a set of jaguar cat, you just need to download and decompose into the specified folders. You also need the Locked Bins file unlocked, there is a link to it. I do not know whether it will be interesting to someone other than me. It is a pity of course that I can not make a big jaguar! :-(
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#14 Old 7th Dec 2019 at 10:59 AM
I still managed to do it - cheers !!! The Jaguar from Castaway Stories now can be in the original game, and in the stories game as an ordinary dog. Of course, he will bark, not growl, this is a big drawback, but still the jaguar mesh only works properly on dogs, in any case, in the original Sims 2. The animation works great, you can interact with the jaguar, play, bathe in the bath! They can conceive offspring, though there will be puppies with a leopard skin, not kittens, but adults will still be jaguars. The mesh was created by me based on the body parts of the jaguar and the mesh of the dog’s body. This mesh replaces ALL dogs by default, so first you need to create as many jaguars in the game as you need by first placing the files from my archive in the downloads folder, and then when the jaguars are already created, remove the default body of the jaguar-dog (but the fur coat jaguar file must be left in the game). The kissingpoints file is needed to unlock multi-colored coats - one of them from the archive will be replaced by default (make sure that this color of your unlocked coat is not occupied by another replacement). And yet - you do not need to change the appearance of the jaguars with a mirror - the collar is not enough for them, and besides, they will turn into ordinary dogs with jaguar coat, because you removed the file of the default body of the jaguar dog. Even if you click on the mirror, do not save the changes, otherwise the jaguar will look like an ordinary dog. But the offspring of already created jaguars will look just like them, not dogs. I think the color type of coat will be interesting to repaint so that new big cats appear in the game. And with dog aguility items from the pet stories, you can arrange real circus performances of trained jaguars! So, the instructions and my attached archive - maybe someone will be interested, personally I am delighted! So, files "default_dog_body_jaguar" and "Jaguar_coat_for_dogs" need to be placed in the downloads folder, "jaguar-dog_breed" in PetBreeds folder, and "kissingpoints" in LockedBins (if you still haven't unlocked coats). Then you create a jaguar in CAS, finding its breed in the list of breeds (Big Jaguar). And then, in order to no longer replace the dog’s body with the body of the jaguar, remove the file "default_dog_body_jaguar" from the downloads folder. When it needed, you can temporarily return it back. I created twelve such jaguars, made them stray animals with the help of a Simological teleporter cat. Unfortunately, I did not find a way to prevent the body of the jaguar from replacing all dogs by default. In Sims 4 with wild animals is much easier and more diverse! But i will always love the Sims 2 :p. Screenshotes:
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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