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Default CS hidden objects buyable
So I made something that I'm surprised no one made before. Unlocking those hidden items of Castaway Stories in buy mode. Like the pirate ship from Wanmami's Buccaneer Cove, or the waterfall from Shady Lagoon (I don't think many people will need this in 2020 but well). Some of them have proper names and descriptions, which is kinda sad, probably they originally planned to include them in buy mode.  
Anyway, I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to share this stuff. I wasn't sure, since there's no downloads section for the Stories series.

I enabled a total of 32 items (even though 10 are portals, so I could say 23). For the list of items and what you can do with them, see below. I divided them in 2 categories/folders.

I actually uploaded 2 different things, go to the bottom of the post to download them:

The "CS buyable hidden" includes the files to make the objects buyable. I detailed the file name for each item in the lists below, so you can choose which ones you want to enable.

The "" is a modified version of the well known Stuck Object Remover by Pescado. It will appear in Nature section of buy mode. With this, you can get rid of items that the game doesn't let you pick up from buy/build mode (check the link for details). The original one can't be placed in sloped terrain or in water, so, because this game doesn't have the "moveObjects" cheat, I modified it to be placeable everywhere. Obviously this isn't necessary to make the objects buyable, but I highly recommend it, as most of the "not that cool items" can't be picked up/deleted after placing them.

For the hidden objects, the collection is a must! Extract all the contents from the zip and then copy the "HiddenObjectsCollection" file here:
Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims Castaway Stories\Collections
You may not have the Collections folder, then create it. Don't forget the 'C' in upper case, or it won't work.
The zip also includes 2 folders, read the 2 lists below to know what's included in each one. Choose the objects you want and then copy them in:
Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims Castaway Stories\Downloads
(Or a subfolder inside it)
Same as before, if you don't have the Downloads folder, create it.
You will probably not want the Waterfall file, read in the first list about it.  

As for the Stuck Object Remover, simply extract the only file included and copy it in the mentioned Downloads folder.

Where do I find them in game?
I put them in a collection because the catalog sorting in CS is a pain and I didn't feel like researching which number is for each section. So they won't appear in the catalogue, they will only appear in the Collection (thanks to this tutorial). Unlike in TS2, Collections in this game are only accessible from build mode, and not buy mode.

Now, without further delay...  
The lists of items:

Backing up your save games before getting custom content is always recommended, but be specially careful using the test items, they are for testing after all. And with the spawn point too, I don't know if having more than one in a lot can cause side effects.

Note: I mentioned the allmenus cheat quite a few times. If you don't know what it is, check this page. Activating it in Castaway Stories is the same process, but looking for the file in C:\Program Files\The Sims Castaway Stories\TSData\Res\Config instead.

This is my first serious post. I hope I didn't mess up. And I hope someone finds this useful!

Update: Silly me made the Stuck Object Remover not placeable on floor when I made it placeable in sloped terrain. I fixed and reuploaded it, now it is really placeable everywhere.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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