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Default Pon De Replay - The Pons Legacy - Ch2 up
Hi all - it's been a while since i wrote a simstory, but i've recently reloaded my game (Sims 2, kickin' it old skool) and really want to try again, so this is my dramatic soap opera/legacy story.


Hey out there in the blog world...

My therapist (because, every high powered executive needs a therapist) told me I should be more INTROSPECTIVE. Apparently I spend too much time working and worrying about the size of my ass, and not enough time figuring out WHO I REALLY AM and WHAT I WANT FROM LIFE. She suggested i keep a journal, just to document my thoughts. I can't really get into the whole pen and paper thing, so here i am on, ready to discover myself.

So, where to start...

My name is Cherline Baxter. I'm 24, and an Executive Assistant at the SimTech Corportation. I live in a nice house (which I bought myself, i might add) and i drive a brand new car.

In short, my life is faaaaaabulous darling! Sure, i work alot, but it's all worth it when i get to flash my platinum card - fully loaded with a very disposable income.

I love shopping, eating at all the best restaraunts, and going out to all the best clubs - always on the VIP list, of course. The people I hang with do not wait in line. After a long day at work all i feel like is a $15 fruity drink and some serious dancing.

Sure, I might sound vapid - but i promise i'm not. I spent three years in college getting where I am so i might as well enjoy it - no matter how much my parents would love me to settle down and start a family.

To be honest, romance is something i'm not so great at. I can just never find anyone worth while, not that i'd have the time anyway.

But really, this is the 21st Century. Relationships are so last decade. Seriously.

Ciao for now,
Cherline xoxo
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Default Ch1. Cats and Crazy Cat Ladies
Big news - today i bought a cat. Her name is Snickers and she resembles a wad of fairy floss. I thought maybe a cat would provide the LOVE and AFFECTION that i feel my coworkers think i need. One more story about how cute so-and-so's baby is with a pointed look in my direction and i will not be responsible for what happens.

But anyway, i now own an adorable feline. This apparnetly makes me a future spinster in training. Let me tell you how.

On Friday afternoon, my friend Brandi came over for some after work drinks and girltalk. We were b*tching about her boyfriend when out of the blue;

"Cherry, honey, you need to find a man," she sighed, giving me the kind of sympathetic look usually saved for sick animals

"I do?"

"Yes!" Brandi gasped, "you're youth is SLIPPING away from you, pretty soon you'll be old and all you'll have is your job and a million cats. You'll be a crazy old cat woman!"

I actually had no idea what to say to that, so Brandi felt the need to keep talking.

"You're going to get wrinkles soon, and i'm not saying that to be rude, it happens to everyone so you need to get a man BEFORE you start looking like most guys mothers," she jabbed the air to make her point

"But i love my job!" i cried, "I dont need a man to complete me - I dont even have the time for one"

"You're scared, Cherry, you just don't want to get hurt. You love your career and your cat and your expensive IKEA catalouge of a home because those things won't break your heart"

Thank you Dr. Brandi.

"Look," i sighed, "There are almost no decent guys out there. I don't want to waste my time with losers. I'm too busy."

Brandi shook her head, "whatever Cherry, you can deny it all you like, it won't make you fertile when you're fifty"


"Anyway, I'M going out tonight, and i think you should borrow one of my very sl*tty dresses and come meet a man" Brandi stood up and started walking toward the door

Oh f*ck it.

I stood up and followed Brandi to her car...
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Great opening. Hope to see it soon! But, Brandi's hair isn't perfect for her, I think...

Hey there! :)
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Default Ch.2 Sexy stalker boys
Rule 32525248 of dating: You will ALWAYS go out and meet a nice guy right before your boss slaps a huge, time consuming project on your desk. Never when you felt that you had far too much time to yourself and thought that buying a cat would provide necessary time filling.


"Hello," i picked up the phone on Monday night, welcoming the distraction from paperwork

"Cherline! Hi! It's Trent! From the bar on Friday? You gave me your number" a nervous voice came down the line

Oh god and he actually CALLS! What is this?!


I’m a bit of a minx, obviously.

“Look, I was wondering…I had a really good time with you. Could I take you out for a drink…or maybe some dinner?” he stuttered

“Erm…that sounds nice but I’m not really…available for that”

“Is it because I’m not hot enough?” he laughed

“What? No! I’m just…busy with work and things” I stammered

“You don’t eat or drink when you have work to do?”

“No, I don’t. I have to go now.”


My god what is WRONG with me? A nice, attractive guy wants to take me out and I totally shut him down. Maybe I am scared? Or a workaholic? Or a crazy cat lady? He’ll probably never call again and I’ll wind up with a balding investment banker who makes me feel secure and comfortable but isnt the least bit sexy or adventurous.

Rule 46486 of dating: When you’re fairly sure he’s going to call, he won’t. When you think you’ve scared him off he will persist and leave 34 very sweet messages on your answering machine over the course of only a week, making you wonder whether maybe it would be nice to let him take you on a date. He will then will call at eight on a Friday and ask you to pop down to the bar for a quick drink, leaving you to hurriedly think up an excuse rather than admitting that you are already in pyjamas and ready for bed when most women are just popping the cork on a bottle of champagne.

Stupid insane week at work.

“Ah well…that actually sounds nice but…I work very early tomorrow morning and I was just about to go to bed”

“You work on a Saturday? That’s interesting,” I could hear his smirk through the phone

“Why is that interesting? Lots of people work on Saturday”

“Yes but I live fairly close to your office and I could have sworn it’s usually shut on the weekend”

“Oh…no…they just like to…save electricity,” I mentally slapped myself in the face. I am the original moron.

“Right. Of course. What about dinner after your busy weekend shift then?”

SERIOUSLY? Where are all the suave don’t-care attitude blokes?

“Why on earth are you so desperate to take me out?” I wailed, exasperated

“Because you’re beautiful, and even though you probably don’t remember because you were a bit drunk, you’re also very funny and interesting and I want to get to know you better”

“Geez. Ok then, I guess. But just a friendly dinner, don’t think that this pushy calling-every-day thing is going to work for you”

“I wouldn’t dream of it”

SO. It turns out I have a date and am entering the real adult world. Crap.
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