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Default How do I unhide hidden shock hair
I was wanting to use the shocked hair for a character I'm developing and came across the mods below. I followed the instructions and correctly installed them but they don't show up in the catalog, whether it is CAS or when you try to change appearance in-game. I tried each one of these mods separately by themselves to rule out any conflicts and they still don't show up. I could get the hair by using the "boolprop testingcheatsenabled" but it only shows for casual and outerwear, I would like to have it available for all categories.

So I am going to try and unlock them myself. Is there a tutorial on how to specifically unlock hidden hair? I know that it has to do with the Property Set but I'm unsure as to which values I need to change in order to get this particular hair to show up in the catalog so that it is available for male and female, all ages and for all clothing categories. Also, where exactly would I find the Property Sets for the shock hair? Would it be in Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSData\Res\Sims3d? And if so, which .package file would it be in? I went through all of the .package files but couldn't find the GZPS Type files.

Thanks in advance for any help given.

Shocked Hair With Any Outfit
by Smonaff

Shocked Hair For Guys
by Smonaff

Shocked Hair For Males [by request]
by hyena
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They're already enabled for all categories (except outerwear - so I'd guess pre-Seasons) and they're set as townie-friendly, which means they're not hidden.

The Smonaff_ShockedHairFix and Smonaff_ShockedHairForMales files lack the Version and Product lines, which could potentially be the problem. Not sure if PropertySet resources extracted from the game has these, though.

Hyena's versions do have the Version and Product lines (Version is set as 04, which is Pets), and the Flags line looks like it's not hidden, but if you happen to have only lower EPs than Pets, the hair may not be able to show up in your game.

The files are really old, as in made around Uni/NL/Pets or thereabout, and there were some changes to hairs in Pets and Seasons and possible later packs, so it's possible there's something missing from those resources.

Maybe Hat's tutorial can explain a bit more:

Sometimes the files are in the CarryForward files, and if not possibly in the "Sims##" files. If the items are EP-spesific, you'll usually find them in that folder (most are in the various "\TSData\Res\3D" folder). If you know the name of the PropertySet you can search for the files with the search function in SimPE (there's a dropdown list where one option only searches for PropertySet resources).
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Simmer22, thanks for the info you gave, I'm sifting through it right now. I'm puzzled by how each author handled it though. Hyena has a full resource tree while Smonaff only has the Property Sets. Are resources needed to make it work as in Hyena's files or simply just the Property sets? Also, I still can't find where they got the Property Set files (GZPS Type) from. No matter which .package file I look through there are none marked as GZPS.
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Looks like Hyena's files were recolors while Smonaff's were PropertySet edits.
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The gzps resource is located in the skins.package.  If you know the name of the resource or part of it, the easiest way to find the latest resource is to use the Finder in SimPE.
Choose Finder
Change the drop down box next to Find: to PropertySet Search
leave the Type: as Contains [match]
for the match: put in hairshocked_fried
then Start.
Once it's finished it will list the results below. If you double click the resource you want from the results below, it will open the .package file and you will be able to extract it. You will want to choose the one from the latest EP for each age group.

How to create unhider tutorial:
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The Property Sets I am using are from the OFB skins.package since it had all the gender and age types I want to unlock. I'm trying to unlock:


I've tried changing the version and product to 0x0000000. Changed the flags to 0x00000000. I tried changing the hairtone back to it's original which was 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 (I had changed it to 00000001-0000-0000-0000-000000000000).

I currently have for all 5 Property Sets set the same as the one below with the exception of the age depending on the on the Property Set being edited:

version (dtUInteger) = 0x00000003
product (dtUInteger) = 0x00000001
age (dtUInteger) = 0x00000058
category (dtUInteger) = 0x0000037F
creator (dtString) = 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
family (dtString) = 6c03ccda-ab68-4f46-8e94-908f8bf3f503
fitness (dtUInteger) = 0x00000000
flags (dtUInteger) = 0x00000000
gender (dtUInteger) = 0x00000001
genetic (dtSingle) = 0
hairtone (dtString) = 00000001-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
name (dtString) = afhairshocked_fried
numoverrides (dtUInteger) = 0x00000001
outfit (dtUInteger) = 0x00000001
override0resourcekeyidx (dtUInteger) = 0x00000002
override0shape (dtUInteger) = 0x00000000
override0subset (dString) = hair
resourcekeyidx (dtUInteger) = 0x00000000
shapekeyidx (dtUInteger) = 0x00000001
shoe (dtUInteger) = 0x00000000
skintone (dtString) = 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
species (dtUInteger) = 0x00000001
type (dtString) = skin

I have all EPs and SPs. The last installed EP was Apartment Life and the last installed SP was Mansion and Gardens. My game currently is running under Mansion and Gardens.
Is there something I am missing or doing wrong?
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Hairtone - following the "00000001-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" format, 1=black, 2=brown, 3=blond, 4=red, 5=gray, completely random string=custom

category = 0x0000137F (if you want outerwear)

Make sure there aren't any newer files in the newer packs (the CarryForward or Skins files). Also make sure you name your package properly (plain letters from A through Z, 0 through 9, preferably just _ as spacers, though - doesn't seem to be too bad either). Any extra punctuation, extra stuffies over the letters like some languages tend to use, or special characters could make the game have problems reading the files.
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I have the Base Game set up in AnyGame and I can get it to work and show up in-game just using Property Sets from the Base Game skins.package. However, when I try creating it for my main game with all the EPs and using the most current Property Sets it doesn't work. I went over Morague's tutorial for "How to Unlock the Hidden Clothing" and on the last page ( a member was trying to unlock the Shocked Hair also with no luck.

Morague replied,
"klaw444 - I seem to recall that the shocked hair needed some extra fiddling to make it visible. There are numerous items that can't be extracted by just changing the property sets - these things need to actually be modded & because each of them is different I didn't cover them in this tutorial."

I'm still in the learning stage in regards to SimPE and one of the things I need to know would be how to find all the associated files for the ShockedHair sets (3IDR, GMDC, SHPE, and so on) so I can build the resource tree and create the package file. I figure at least that way I would have all the resources at hand to work with.

I'm sorry to keep bugging you guys about this and at this point I'm almost ready to give up. Any advice you can give on this is greatly appreciated.
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It could be that the hair is giving you problems because it's linked to certain ingame functions.

What you can do is to make a proper custom version with a custom mesh. Extract the mesh and the recolors, and follow a guide on how to make a hair.

I extracted the meshes (as a file ready to do "fix integrity" on, which is a step you have to do to make the mesh standalone - all ages are in the "MESHES_ALL" file, but they're individually extracted in the added folder) along with the texture you need. You'll have to make the recolor file and link it to the mesh(es) yourself, but it could be a good learning experience.

If you use the "PJSE" tool and write in the name of the item, for instance "afHairShocked", it extracts all the mesh parts for you (GMDC, GMND, SHPE, CRES). When you have all you need, these can be extracted and combined into a single file, which is what I did with the "MESHES_ALL" file (but if you want to try it out for yourself, that's up to you, and probably a good learning experience).
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: zip (548.7 KB, 4 downloads) - View custom content
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Thank you very much and yes I would rather try it myself. I want to be able to start doing my customs at some point and hands on is the best teacher. Thank you again as well as HugeLunatic for being so helpful and putting up with a, hopefully soon to be creator.
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simmer22, while doing my search with the Simantics Resource Finder, are there any particular boxes I need to check and would you be able to recommend a good hair tutorial?
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I use "name map search" for pretty much everything but PropertySets (not entirely sure what the others are for, but they probably have their uses). I also make sure to look for LIFO files instead of TXTR files wherever possible, as they're larger and better quality.


If you make a hair recolor and link it to a mesh, the absolutely best way is to just pick a hair in Bodyshop and make a recolor file (NOT a hat-hair - make sure it's one that shows in all categories and doesn't have a separate shower/PJ hair. You'll want a plain regular maxis hair that preferably has child to elder, though you will get toddler hair as well - you can either make one or remove it from the file with for instance Cat's hair binner or by deleting the toddler PropertySet - don't delete other resources, as they can be rather moody for hairs).

There are a few hair tutorials here: - the 3t2 tutorial at the top could work, just skip all the TS3 parts, and you don't really need any of the programs besides SimPE and Bodyshop for this particular project, possibly Photoshop/Gimp if you want to recolor.
P1: Do part 2
P2: Skip (unless you want to make a toddler hair, in which case this could possibly be useful)
P3: Do all parts, but you just need the "hair" group.

If you use the "MESH_ALL" file I uploaded, you can basically just do "fix integrity" and give it a new internal name, preferably short but descriptive. Use plain letters Aa to Zz and - (hyphens, not underscore) and 0 to 9 are safe. Don't use other characters! You can also of course rename the mesh file. You don't need to do any changes to the hair meshes. It's explained more thoroughly in the tutorial.

This tutorial explains more on how the PropertySet lines work. You just need a "hair" group for all the PropertySets: (basically rename if the first group isn't called "hair" and remove groups you don't need - and then use this hair to make a new recolor which you use to do the rest of the project - Bodyshop removes the resources you don't need).

This tutorial explains a bit more on the linking bit:
(Just a tip - but the PJSE tool doesn't manage multi-age meshes, so when I link hairs or accessories I first do the Fix Integrity step and do all the needed changes to the mesh file. Then I make copies of the file and separate out each age/gender for linking purposes, so I can use the PJSE linking tool. Otherwise you have to extract the SHPE and CRES, manually link them, and delete them after - it takes a lot longer to explain and is a lot trickier. Some people just make seaprate meshes for each age, but that's a lot of extra files to keep in your downloads folder, and it is neater with just one mesh file).
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Ran into a snag. I'm at the linking stage and can link most but when I get to 3IDR (7) it looks like it is incomplete and gives me the error "3IDR file has incorrect format". That particular 3IDR file only has the UI Data, Text Lists, Collection and the Category lines but not the Resource Node, Shape, or the 4 Material Definition lines. I've tried cloning other hairs thinking it was a particular hair that was giving me the problem but I run into the same issue. Depending on the cloned hair 3IDR (7) is usually either YA or elder.

I made copies of your MESHES_ALL.package and I separated them out into AM, AF, CU, TM and TF in order to do the linking. Have you ever run into this issue and if so is there a work around for it?
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(Make sure you did "fix integrity" to the "MESHES_ALL" file and gave it a new internal name before you separated it, or the mesh won't be standalone).

If the 3DIR doesn't have a Resource Node or Shape, it's got other purposes and isn't one you need to link to the mesh. For hairs there's one extra 3DIRs that control other things in the file. For hairs it tends to be #7 (or the highest number if there are more).

Hair 3DIRs are a little weird and sometimes have Category information from other ages in them (so don't trust the "Category" information in the 3DIR, it tends to be wrong). The best trick to figure out which 3DIR belongs to which age is to sort after Instance, and match the PropertySet number with the 3DIR number. As you'll see, the last 3DIR (usually 7) only shares a number with a Binary Index file and not a PropertySet. If you want to be doubly sure, you can match the last number in the MaterialDefinition instances to the TXMTs of that age.
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Simmer22, I got it to work in Body Shop and in-game. It shows in all the age groups, works for all clothing categories. I made a gray texture but I haven't been able to get it to show for elders (shows up as black texture like all other age groups even though I replaced texture with the gray texture). Also, I still have a lot of Material Definitions for the cloned hair and am not sure about how to determine which ones need to be deleted. I would assume that the ones marked as alpha should be deleted since this particular hair doesn't use alpha. But that still leaves quite a few. Is there a way that I could send my file to you through PM for a Beta test and have you give it a look over to see what still needs to be done as well as sorting out the Material Definitions and getting the elder hair to show?
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Make sure you put the grey texture on the elder hair files (EF/EM) when you're doing the textures. It's a bit easier to do this in Bodyshop than to fix it later in SimPE (you'll have to add a TXTR resource in SimPE).

Best not delete anything unless you know what you're doing. If the hair works fine, it's all good. Only meshes and textures take up a lot of resources - the rest of the resources tend to be maybe 1-2 KB at the most.

Don't delete alphas! They decide what to show in the hair, so even a fully white or fully black alpha is doing an important job. Also don't delete any textures in the Bodyshop folder, or you'll get a lot of issues. Best way to fix it is to fix the PropertySet to just have the resources you need (Rented-Space's tutorial shows how to add them, but explains what they do so you can use the same tutorial to remove them as well), add the elder texture (because SimPE smashes all identical textures into one TXMT, so you'll want to separate out the elder texture and make it greyish), and then make a new recolor file in Bodyshop from the hair you've just edited (this will remove any unneeded resources).
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simmer22, I got it all straightened out. I had to go back and double check my linking and fix a few things with the textures. But I got it all working and made all the separate recolors (black, blond, brown and red) as well as getting them to show up in the proper categories. There's still some tweaking I want to do with the textures and properly binning the hair but for the most part I'm okay with how it turned out. Thank you for putting up with my pestering you. It was most definitely a learning experience but I am now more knowledgeable about how it all works and itching to do more.
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For binning, you can try out Cat's hair binner -

You may want to work on a copy of the files, just so you have the original files in case something goes wrong. There are several ways to bin hairs even with the binner, and it can take a little bit of practice to get it the way you want (Mostly to do with elder hair - separate elder grey linked to the hairs, each hair having separate greys for elders, each having colored hair for elders, all hairs familied with just one grey texture in for instance the black file, and probably one or two other ways). You can also remove ages from either end (but never skip ages - deleting toddler is fine, but keeping toddler, deleting child, and keeping teen and above unlinks teen and above from the toddler hair). You can also combine everything into one hair recolor package (but then it's more difficult to remove for instance the red hair later).
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I tweaked three of the textures to better match the eyebrows and beards (trying to keep close to maxis match) and binned them using Cat's Hair Binner. Everything is working very well so I think I am pretty much finished. The only other minor thing that I have a question on is that the Property sets still show the name of the cloned recolor. Should I rename them to reflect my hair recolor? For instance afhairshocked_black and so on. Or should I just leave well enough alone.
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That's perfectly normal for the PropertySet to do. Best to leave it alone, or you could end up borking something. The name of the PropertySet doesn't really matter much.
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Thank you again for all of your help.
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