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Default Can't find outfit to extract in any skins package
This is the outfit:

In debug mode for CAS, this is the name of the file:


All the other recolors of this tux are in base game, but the BG skins package doesn't list black.

Base Game Skins package listing (sorted alphabetically):

Does it actually have another name? Is this recolor secretly CC or Store content? I'm so stumped. I've gone through literally every skin package. I even checked packs like Pets and Family Fun Stuff and can't find it.
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It's name is CASIE_embodyclosedcoatlongpants_tuxblack in the Skins package
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THANK YOU! I spent hours looking for it yesterday. I don't think I've ever extracted clothes that were in that section, so I didn't even think to look there. Going forward, I will before I drive myself crazy!
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