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Default Challenge WCIF Male Pants {SOLVED}
This is a stretch but I had some favorite male pants cc that I lost. I have no pics but I'm gonna try my best to be descriptive ; u ;
This is a fun challenge I guess for any of you cc hunters

Male pants
they were more "triangle shaped" so they started off wide/baggy at the waist and narrowed at the ankle
They were cuffed at the ankle but loose so theyre not skinny jeans at all
NOT EA/ maxis matched
were from one of those hyper realistic SIMBLRS with the fashion model clothing (semller, hommes, simsimi wtv)
BUT they were a soft blue and NOT super hyper realistic but also obviously not EA cartoony
NO tears/wrinkles/distressed look, fabric looked "soft" NOT DENIM and almost a solid shade

That's all I have, I'm hoping for the best but totally understanding of the worst :D
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I found them by accident, new problem, does anyone know how to get around the site the download link is attached to? >

I'm my own superhero today. If you would like these pants >
"SiteAdvisor Rating: [Safe] - Category: [Content Server]" :D
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