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I must be the densest simmer in the world as I can't find mushroom forgeables (spicey, charming, and lovely) in cottage living and when I search on google all it tells me is to look by the gazebo by the ruined church and the waterfall I have looked and all I found was the nightly mushrooms Please for the love of all that is holy, please help thank you
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I don't know the exact locations, but I heard you need to be in the area around 5am-6am for the plants to actaully grow.
Try arriving in Bramblewood early, around 4am maybe, but then wait and search for mushrooms after 6am.
The only exception are the Nightly mushrooms, as they are only harvestable at night but seems you already found those.

They also show up from time to time in the village shops, so maybe buy the one you need and plant it on your lot and then you will have unlimited supply.
You might need to go shopping a few times cause the shop inventory changes everyday. Or there is also new grocery delivery option.

I haven't done any mushroom errands so far in my game, so wasn't really looking for them.
I can add screenshots here when I find them, but hopefully you will find them sooner than that.
Good luck!
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Ok, I did some testing and here is what I found:

1. If you have seasons, different mushrooms grow in different seasons. (I think most of them are in season in Winter and then a mix of other seasons depending on a mushroom)
2. In my game, they respawn between 3am-4am but I don't have to be present in the area. (I think this 5am rule is for regular plants and berries)
3. If you don't pick them everyday, they might spawn in groups (as you can see in my screenshots, they doubled when I missed a day)
4. You won't see the mushroom name when you hover over them. You will only see either "pick Nightly mushroom" or "pick Strange mushroom" when you click.
5. Nightly mushrooms will only be harvestable at night.
6. Strange mushrooms will be harvestable all day.
7. Strange mushrooms include all other mushroom types and are generated at random. In the same location I picked Spicy mushrooms one day and Verdant mushrooms another day. (I think at least one type of mushroom should always spawn in any given season, if you only get one type wait for a new season)
8. Attached screenshots where I found them. It is all in Bramblewood (Ruins, Gazebo, Sophie the Snail, and Waterfall)

Hope this helps!
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If all else fails you could try getting a delivery. I found some offered for sale in my first one.
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