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#28176 Old Yesterday at 2:46 PM
You can also use the S2CleanInstaller to check your lot catalog (both the LotCatalog folder and the Neighborhood/Lots folder.) Just direct the upper right search box to the appropriate folder and scan. You will get the lot information (if there is any), names of the lots, and lot numbers - so you can easily track down the specific lot in your folder.

Also, might I suggest: How to Make Maxis Rebuilds/Remodels Permanent

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#28177 Old Yesterday at 3:00 PM
simmer22, I'm lazy too and I always backup the whole Sims 2 folder, not only the Neighbourhoods folder. I thought it wouldn't hurt to have backups of the whole game folder, the only downside is that it takes a little longer but I can live with that.

I found the LotCatalog folder. I have the numbers up until the cx_00000062 and after that I have a few more which have different "code-names", like cx_Character_cx00000025_11f1177b.package. Is this one of the dowloaded lots I'm looking for? SimPE is not for me unless someone guides me step by step what to do in there, I'm always afraid I'll "break" something
The last time I checked the Houses and Lots bin in the game, I found only one lot, a mall for Strangetown that I downloaded from Pleasant Sims' blog. I know I had already dowloaded all Honeywell's houses, a night club, a graveyard and some other houses from other users here at Mod The Sims. I think that I had a restaurant too but there is only the mall there. I have more "code-names" in the LotCatalog folder below the one I mentioned above but there is nothing else in the game, apart from the EA's lots and the mall from Pleasant Sims, do you know how is this possible? I'll download the houses again when I need them but isn't it weird to have them always disappear?
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All lots follow the same pattern in that folder, so no.

The "cx_Character_cx00000025_11f1177b.package" type files are not lots - they have the sims that follow the Pets ingame lots.

Just opening files and clicking the various resources to have a look at them shouldn't cause any problems, but if you're worried, you can copy the file to the desktop and open the copy - it's the least likely place that file or any edits of it can cause issues. This is usually what I do if I'm extracting something from one of the install files or editing files I'm afraid to mess up.

The resources of interest are the "jpg/tga/png Image (IMG)" which has the lot outlay and "Text Lists (STR#)" or "Lot Definition (LOTD)" which both have the name of the lot.
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#28179 Old Yesterday at 3:24 PM
The files with "character" in the name involve the Kat and Kim lots. If you have downloaded any other lots with sims in them you should not use them.

You can greatly alleviate your fear of breaking things with SimPE if you make a back up of your game files before opening it. That way, even if you do break something, you can always go back. Nor can you break anything with simple typos or anything like that, as saving in SimPE is a two-step process: you have to commit, then save. There is no automatic saving. Tutorials are all well and good, but given the differences among systems and between versions of a program, I always find it's easiest to learn a few basics about a program and then go in and noodle around with it. Go wild with it in a test hood and you'll soon be comfortable.

The disappearance of lots from the lot bin is very weird indeed. The random duplication of lots is far more common. I have no advice on that score, but I do suggest that, instead of constantly redownloading, you make backup files of every lot you download, so that all you have to do in order to get a lot back is open the backup folder and double click the pack again.

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#28180 Old Yesterday at 3:27 PM
simmer22, I realized that right now. I did what CatherineTCJD suggested and searched the LotCatalog with CleanInstaller. These files are the Kat and Kim families just like you say, so the lots I have downloaded over and over are not there, so there is something I'm doing wrong when I download them or I do something else afterwards but what?

EDIT: Peni Griffin, the houses I had dowloaded don't have sims in them. I only download sims with lots when I download whole custom user-made hoods. Right now, I have Riverside, the hoods from Sims Life stories and Pet stories and Sunset Valley for the sims 2 in my game but I don't think you talk about whole hoods, right? I'll follow your advise and save the houses/community lots when I'll need to download them again. Thank you for helping me!
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Also check that the lot appears in both the Teleport folder before you run your game and in the LotCatalog after you've run your game.

Since you have the UC, have you checked that the Clean Installer actually installs the lot files? I know I had to edit the settings in the "S2PCI" file in the CI install folder to set up the program properly.

Should be something like this (but check the path and substitute the all-caps with whatever username you have, the location could be different for you depending on Windows version or install location for the game)

SaveGamePath="C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\EA Games\The Sims™ 2 Ultimate Collection"


(This one had similar issues as you, I added a few additional tips there --> )

The duplication effect most likely happens if lots are installed twice. The default installer would probably do this since it renames files, but I'm not sure if the Clean Installer does it since it recognizes duplicates (most cases, anyway).
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#28182 Old Yesterday at 7:18 PM
Thank you CatherineTCJD and sushigal007 for the help.
#28183 Old Today at 2:04 AM
Is there some tutorial or something for setting up weddings for picture taking (on community lots)? I have such a hard time getting the timing right. Like usually not everyone is seated before the animation starts. Also all the unwanted townies/NPCs walking in photobombing the event. I've tried the visitor controller but that removes the guests too. Same problem when using things like the simlogical teleporter. Even if you invite the guests as a group, they aren't safe from being cleared off as well. I just gave up on this one wedding for today because I couldn't get everything harmonized. Even paused and directed everyone to sit individually but then when I unpaused they all reset. Argh.

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