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Two-tiled coat racks deco for the hallway
So far I've only found one-tiled coat racks.
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Well there's a set by padre333 here on MTS and there's Mustluvcatz's In the Hall set (tote recolors here). And do check out Mustluvcatz's Under-The-Stairs Storage Set Part 1 and Part 2, too, if you haven't already, as well as Closeted - The UnCloset set. Mustluvcatz actually has a lot of really cool sets that can provide those extra nice touches for more modern homes, so definitely check out their MTS downloads and tumblr if you get a chance.

Hmm, I feel like I have another set, but I can't find it in my downloads folder right now, . So if I do find it, I'll be sure to post again.

But remember you can build your own set, too! With the move objects and quarter tile cheat, or snapObjectstoGrid, if you need, you can place multiple coat racks together. Oh, actually, a trick I do with the rack that came with TSS, the one with the tiny surfboard for hooks--I use Snap Objects to move it into the wall so only the pegs show. Then I have a nice hat and coat for the wall--sometimes I add the extracted clutter add ons for additional coats. Anyway, put a shelf on the top and bottom of that, or maybe a shelf on top and a bench at the bottom. And then there you go, you've got your own hallway set. I'll attach a pic from one of my entries in the Apartment Mania contest to show you what I mean. The use of cc was limited, so us builders had to get creative.

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