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Default What is Bodyshop Modding? Am I in the right place?
For the longest time we've had Bodyshop recolors and Bodyshop meshes. What is this new-fangled forum called Bodyshop Modding?

To put it simply, Bodyshop Modding is when you take a Bodyshop file and you edit it in SimPE. This forum's scope does not deal with making things in Bodyshop, its about editing them in SimPE to behave differently than the standard Bodyshop import options. We can help you with things such as:

Category Placement
Default Replacements
Texture Referencing
Footstep Noises

Color Binning
Hair with Hats
Remove Unwanted Hair Ages

Accessories and Make Up
Accessory Wearability
Flashing Blue
Custom Icons
Make Up Layering

And lots more can be found in our expansive tutorial section.

If your question is about the texture or image of a bodyshop file, such as it doesn't show up or is black or something - try asking in Bodyshop Recoloring.
If your question is about the mesh or shape of hair or clothing or sorts, like not showing up, bone assignments or gaps, or age conversions - try asking in Bodyshop Meshing.

This isn't because we don't want you here in this forum, its because if you ask your question in the right place, people who know more about how to fix it will see it sooner and answer it faster. Good luck, and Happy Modding!
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