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Default I'm at the exciting part! Shut the door! (Whaddya reading?)
Anyone in the middle of any good books or did you just finish one? Or, did you remember you read one a long time ago that you'd like to recommend? Let's start a reading list!

Me: I'm in the middle of the Mist Born series, which is a sci-fi series set in a time when something called "the darkness" both covers and threatens the earth. It's sort of set in a medieval type society. The mist born are those who are mostly bastards or of royal decent, who are not afraid of the mists which also cover the earth, and who can use trace metals to gain access to hidden inner powers.

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I don't know if everyone already knew about David Mitchell - I had never read any of his books until recently - what an amazing storyteller. First I read Slade House. Then The Bone Clocks. Then Cloud Atlas. Now I'm reading The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet.
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I looked up one of those titles, The Bone Clocks, and it did sound interesting.

Just finished None of the Above, a teen novel about an high school senior who discovers she is intersex and quickly becomes the target of bullying. It's a well told story and quite interesting and informative. The only part that really bothered me was where it's portrayed as the norm for teens to engage in sex and drinking. There are so many groups and kinds of people, even in the smallest of high schools, that I hate to see an adult put that out there in a novel as if it's expected behavior. Beyond there, the book has some very sweet and insightful moments, while still being basically fluff.

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5th Feb 2016 at 5:56 PM
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I love the triology by the author Anonymous. The book with no name, The eye of the moon and The devil's graveyard.

I am not much of fan of fantasy literature, but those book are amazing! There are zombies in the last book and I just soooo dislike zombies in lietrature or (especially) movies, the book is good not just despite those zombies, they actually fit in well.

I can just recommend you put those books on your list!
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