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Mods, please move this to the SimPE sims 2 tutorials section, thanks!

What you will need: Windows Computer & SimPE

How many times have you downloaded a pose box thinking “Wow, this is great and perfect for what I want to use in my sims pictures!” only to find it either can’t be found in the catalog when you go to a community lot to use it or if it is, your summoned, selected sim can’t use it because of a grayed out mouse? DRAT! What are you to do?

Womp. Womp.

Note: This tutorial is given under the assumption you have already backed up your neighborhood files

  • Pre-step 1: If you feel nervous or intimidated working in SimPe, make a copy of the original pose box package file and save it on your desktop somewhere so that if something goes wrong you can just replace your edited version later.
  • Step 1: Open SimPe. I think I am running the latest version but if your layout needs reset simply click menu extra at the top left corner -> Preferences -> SimPE Settings -> button that says ‘Reset Layout.’
  • Step 2: Go to File -> Open and navigate to your posebox package where you have saved it. It should be somewhere in your downloads folder. Click on it and press the Open button.


  • Step 1: Find the OBJD Tool button at the top of the window, click it. Another window will pop up. If you cannot find that for some reason, you can also find it on the left side of the screen in your 'Resource Tree’ as a yellow folder icon labeled ’Object Data (OBJD)’.

  • Step 2: In this window, make sure the Catalog Sort tab is selected, then under ’community sort’ click the checkbox next to miscellaneous; this will make the pose box appear in community lot buy catalogs.

  • Step 3: Make sure to click the Commit button this will apply the edit you just made to the package file. If you don’t, SimPE will remind you so no worries. After committing, you can close the OBDJ tool window.

Now if you already know this pose box works with summoned sims that are made selectable either with Sim Blender , the Teleportation Cat , or whatever mod you use to achieve your needs, this is the part you can save the package file and close it, close SimPE and go play your game and find your pose box in the community lot buy catalog. If you want to be sure it’s available for these summoned sims, keep reading!

Note: This is under the assumption you already know how to teleport a sim and make them selectable

  • Step 1: On the left side of the screen, you should have a list of things like functions, Nodes, references–basically technical mumbo-jumbo if you don’t go into SimPE a lot. Find the Pie Menu Functions (TTAB) and click on it.

Note: Some pose boxes have two package files, if you open one and it doesn’t have Object Data or the Pie Menu Functions in the Resource Tree, close it and open the other one that was downloaded with it.

  • Step 2: Clicking the Pie Menu Functions (TTAB) option will open up a file in the Resource List Window called Reaction Test Interaction Table. Click on that.

  • Step 3: Now move your eyes down into the Plugin View, it should default to the Plugin View tab as highlighted. If not, just find that tab to get those Reaction Test Interaction Table details.

  • Step 4: Holy Plumbob, there’s a lot of information in this window! On the left will be a list of the poses the creator made - FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE you will want to click the checkbox next to visitor as highlighted.

  • Step 5: (optional) if you like fast-acting overlays where you can mix and match poses without having to wait for sims to get done with the first one, go ahead and check the immediately checkbox too.

  • Step 6: Once you are done enabling every pose for visitor, make sure to click the commit file button as highlighted. This will apply your changes to the package file.

  • Step 7: BE SURE TO SAVE! Save this package and then close it. Rinse and repeat if you have more pose boxes to enable or else close out of SimPE and go pose the pitar out of your little pixels like some mad puppeteer!

Final Note: Other hacked objects can be enabled for visitors, my favorite one that needed it was the freezer clock so you can get those sims into the perfect position and then lock it down until ready to take pics.

Special Thanks to: Gummilutt, for telling me this when I had the same dilemma last year with lack of available pose boxes

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Thank you

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