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I’m trying to make full skin defaults for neutral and good witches. I found TMXTs for most of the parts (body, scalp, and face) while spelunking in Res/3D. I made new images (and fixed the TGI) for those that didn’t have a TXTR file already, and had the TMXTs point to them. Unfortunately, the new images (scalp on the good witches and everything but face on the neutral witches) don’t seem to be working. Also, there isn’t a TMXT at all for the neutral witch scalp. Messing with TMXTs is pretty much the most I've done with modding so far. Anyone got any ideas?
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Witches use overlays, not skin defaults. They're two different things. Overlays are meant to go on top of skins. I suggest you find a couple overlays and see which files were used for them.

Under the overlays, witches use their regular non-witch skins. I don't think neutral witches have overlays, they just have their regular non-witch skins. Only evil (green skin) and good witches (sparkly skin) have overlays.
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I got all overlays to work, including the neutral witch! The key was creating new 3IDRs/Property sets/ etc. for overlay parts that didn't have them. I used Midgethetree's post here: and the tattoo overlay tutorial here:
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