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Default Question for those who Default clothes.

Over the last week I've looked for tuts describing how to default clothes.

It appears you're missing the easier way to do it.

So, I'm going to describe how I do it.

If this is not how you do it, you're doing it the long way.

Unless I've missed this tut (Please point me to it, so I can verify), I'll make one.

Here we go.

1. Pull the outfit you want to use for the Default from BodyShop, do NOT use the Original Creator's package.

2. From the PropertySet you want to Default, find the Group, Instance, Product, Version and Age.

Such as: afbodydresslilblack_palegold - 2C17B74A - 14E56E3F - 11 - 6 - 48

3. Go into your pulled package, and make the changes using this info.

That's it! No worries about the number of "Layers".

Yes, you need to do several other things, but it's simply deleting and moving a line.

There is however, a bug in SimPE that can, but not always cause failure, there is an easy fix for this and can be prevented from happening by adding 3 steps.

So all told, if you have the PropertySet info and package, it should take about a minute to default.

After a little practice....

So tell me, do any of you use this approach and is there a tut?


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Not a help topic, but a discussion about bodyshop, so I've moved it to the proper location.

Also, it'd be great if you would type your posts like a normal person.  Don't double space and don't create a new line for each sentence.  Would be so much easier to read if they were formatted the way we humans actually read.
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No idea which tutorials you've been looking at, but the ones on the PropertySet and particularly ones that mention how to replace items with more layers do have particular things you have to do with them so they are standalone from the other files (just in case you happen to want both the defaults and non-defaults). I don't know what your method would do to the files, and it's possible it would work (or not). I don't make or use PropertySet defaults that much, so maybe someone else can test it out.

Tutorial examples:

Hair default tutorials (or multi-group replacements - multiple groups can be a problem for some clothing replacements, too) (may be inaccessible if you're not logged in due to Tumblr problems)
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Thanks Simmer22,
I'd found the first one and a second not on your list. All 4 are messing with layers and even the mesh, which is not needed the way I do it. Le Plat's for hair is also deleting everything. Couldn't access Lemonlion. However I now understand what the true issue is.
People are doing it backwards. Rather than pulling a Bodyshop package and turning it into the Default by replacing the Group & Instance. They are pulling the Default PrpertySet & 3DIR, then deleting whats there and adding what they want. But then they need to mess with the mesh as well. Coooool! I'll be able to give back to the community. Time to create a Tut.
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#5 Old 16th Aug 2020 at 8:28 PM Last edited by simmer22 : 16th Aug 2020 at 8:47 PM.
I'm not entirely sure, but I think the problem may be that it could interfere with the non-default file (in case someone wanted to keep it, because that happens - you may want to be able to pull a default without it destroying recolors). I think I'd need to see an example of a non-default turned into a default replacement in your way before I'd know exactly what you mean.

The "old" method of making defaults for hairs or clothes was to "directly" replace the texture and mesh (extract and replace, that is). But then people realized this was messing up meshes and recolors. Going via PropertySet and 3DIR lets you make a "virtual" default that replaces the original item without actually replacing it, so if there happen to be any items that use the old mesh, they are still able to use it. The method is very handy for multi-group items.

Technically, a replacement like this is a kind of custom item with some tinkering in the 3DIR and such to set it up as a default file, but I don't know if what you suggest is enough to make it work for any default.

If it does work (and I do suggest testing it very thoroughly before you start making a tutorial, so you know it works from all angles and so you can do problemsolving), I can imagine it would get around the groups issue a bit easier. I don't think I would've used original recolor files in any case, but maybe suggesting making new recolors for the files would be smart.
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Hey Simmer22, sorry not to get back to you sooner. Been busy. To answer your question, by pulling a clone from bodyshop you're giving the textures different Group and Instance numbers so there is no possibility of conflict. They are not touched when making a default. It is however, why I stated NEVER to use the Original Creators packages. This prevents someone doing a texture replacement only but it would indeed conflict with the Creator's original package. Also, each package is a stand alone object. So if Maxis has a dress with 4 recolors you can have four different meshes. None replace the original mesh. Pull 20 (yes 20) outfits you want as defaults, rename them to the default they are to replace. 7z or zip them and find a way for me to download them and I'll give them back to you defaulted. You can then "test" to see if they do as stated....;-) (Oh add meshes please so I can verify in bodyshop) (Do we need to take this thread else wear for this?)

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#7 Old 23rd Aug 2020 at 1:52 AM
@Savagegrace, if you're simply converting a creator's package to a default, and not changing the texture(s) and TXMT(s), leaving the Group and Instance values the same will not cause a conflict because the game (or Body Shop) will only "see" one of the two copies, and since they're identical, it doesn't matter which one. What your method does do is make it safer to delete the original with either CAS or Body Shop. If texture(s) and TXMT(s) in a default uses the same Group and Instance values as the creator's original, the delete routines in CAS and Body Shop will try to delete both copies of those resources, which will mung the default.
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Greets dharden, which is why I've stated NOT to use Creators packages. I've stated to always "pull" a new package from Bodyshop. Choosing your default from Bosyshop, it's the most time consuming part of the entire process....;-)
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