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Default Default replacements conflicting, any ideas how to resolve please?
I have been doing a few default replacements lately, today I discovered that two of them are conflicting with each other.

One of them is one which I downloaded, it was made by someone else (DR 1, 'afbodymayor' replaced with a custom outfit). The other one is one I created myself (DR 2, 'afbodytweedjacket' replaced with a custom outfit) - I remade it again from scratch twice more, using two different DR methods, and I still have the same conflict issue.

What happens is that the textures work fine, but the meshes seem to clash with each other, so DR 1 shows the correct textures, but on the mesh from DR 2.

I fiddled with DR 1 in SimPE, but then I had the opposite problem, where that worked, but then DR 2 shows the correct textures, but on the mesh from DR 1.

I can't understand why they are conflicting, because the meshes I am replacing are two completely different meshes, and the meshes I am replacing them with are also two completely different meshes.

I don't have any other DRs which replace those same outfits, and I don't have any clothes hider mods or anything like that.

I did notice that the replacement meshes from both DRs had the same numbers for Group, Instance, and Instance High for the GMDC, GMND, CRES and SHPE, despite being different meshes. Could this be the problem, and if so, is there a way to fix it please?

I have attached both files (DR 1 and DR 2) in case anyone wouldn't mind having a look please? They are both career/hidden outfits so you will need to turn boolprop on in the neighbourhood view, then press Shift+N for the sim's name in CAS to see them. I have attached screenshots if that's easier.

Is this conflict something I can fix, or do I just have to give up?

I'd be grateful for any advice you can offer please, thanks
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Originally Posted by Dizzy-noodles
I did notice that the replacement meshes from both DRs had the same numbers for Group, Instance, and Instance High for the GMDC, GMND, CRES and SHPE, despite being different meshes. Could this be the problem, and if so, is there a way to fix it please?

This is why they are conflicting fortunately, it's an easy fix. All you have to do is open up one of the defaults in SimPE and click on "fix TGI" (and then commit) on GMDC, GMND, CRES and SHPE (i.e the resources who have the same numbers as the other default's mesh). Fix TGI gives the resource new numbers so they won’t override each other :-)

Also, when doing this, you have to update the 3IDR (since the resources has "changed") otherwise it will still use the other mesh (since they had the same numbers)
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Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it

I have edited the DR file for the mayor outfit as you suggested, I fixed TGI on the GMDC, GMND, CRES and SHPE files, and then emptied the 3IDR, and added the lines from Package again.

However, when I try it in game, CAS keeps crashing. Do you know how I can fix this please?
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Have you tried deleting "Accessory.cache" and "Groups.cache" from your Sims 2 folder in the documents? These files can sometimes cause crashing :-)
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Thanks, I've tried that, but still get the crashes.

I'm sure it's the file that's crashing the game, as if I take the file out of my Downloads folder, it stops crashing. The point where it crashes is after the neighbourhood screen, when I select Create a Family, it begins to load, then crashes at the same point each time.

Is there a different way to edit the file that won't make it crash the game please? Does Fix Integrity do the same thing as Fix TGI?

Or is there something else I need to do to the file? Do I need to Fix TGI on the TXMT and TXTR too?
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Sorry for coming to this late, @Dizzy-noodles . The parts of a custom mesh will always have Group number 0x1C050000 , just as the parts of a Maxis mesh will always have 0x1C0532FA . I think the game expects to see one or the other Group when it looks at any mesh part, so if you changed that, it could well explain the crashes.

The custom meshes from simflake and Yuxi do conflict for all groups. This explains what you saw because, when two resources have the same TGI (Type/Group/Instance) values. the game handles the conflict by using the resource it loaded last. (Tech note: this is why mods and default replacements work.) Anyway, since the two custom meshes use the same values for all parts, the game only "sees", and uses, one of them - the one that loaded last.
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@Dizzy-noodles , if you are using Marja-style mesh replacements for both outfits, as you seem to be doing in afefbodymayor_DEFAULT_Dizzy-Noodles_TEST.package and afbodytweedjacket_DEFAULT_Dizzy-Noodles.package you should not see conflicts in the defaults, since the game will still "see" the replacement meshes as different. However, you would see conflicts when looking at custom recolors of the outfits. With a Marja-style.default made for your own use, you only need to include an undefaulted version of the mesh if you have, or want to use, custom recolors of that mesh. So, if you only want to use custom recolors of one of those two meshes, you can delete the undefaulted version of the other from the default that contains it.

However, if you want to use custom recolors of both meshes, or would rather use Moogle-style 3IDR replacements, you will need to "fix" one of the custom meshes. You need to use Fix Integrity for this, because one thing it does is make sure that the GMDC, GMND, SHPE and CRES are all properly linked to one another. If they aren't, that could also cause CAS to crash.

When using Fix Integrity on a mesh, you need to make sure that you're only looking at the GMDC, GMND, SHPE and CRES for the mesh you want to fix. If that's all you're looking at, it should be smart enough to leave the custom Group value alone, and just change the Instance (high) and Instance values. I'd suggest loading the default that has the mesh you want to fix it into SimPE, using Save As to create a copy, then deleting everything but the GMDC, GMND, CRES and SHPE for the mesh you want to fix from that copy.

After you've done Fix Integrity and saved your fixed mesh, re-open the default (you should be able to do this from the Recent Files list), delete the GMDC, GMND, CRES and SHPE for the mesh you fixed, then right-click in the Resource List and select "Add...". When the "Add..." dialog opens, click the dropdown menu above the "Open" button, and select "DBPF Package" - this will let you merge your fixed mesh package into the default. Once you've done that, all you need to do is fix 3IDRs as needed.
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Thanks, that's really helpful, I'll try some of your suggestions.

I do normally use the Marja method for defaults, but I have used the Moogle style 3IDR method for some, for example if I want to replace a Maxis outfit with two different custom outfits.

The trouble is that I have used the Yuxi suit to replace a few different Maxis outfits. I assume this means if I fixed integrity on the Yuxi suit for the tweed jacket, I'd have to do it for all the defaults I made using the Yuxi suit.

So I would rather fix the mayor outfit if I can, because I only have it as a replacement for that one outfit. The only trouble with this is that I only have the default file that I downloaded, I don't have the custom version of the outfit (the creator probably only made it with a default in mind, as I haven't seen it as custom anywhere). This means that I can only tweak the existing file, not re-make the default from scratch.

I'm hoping to get the chance to work on it this weekend, so fingers crossed
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