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Default Changing hair used with a hat, in a default replacement, SOLVED, please see bottom of post
Hello everyone!
I have been sorting out my downoads folder recently, and I'm currently default replacing most of my hairstyles.

I'm trying to replace most of these with default replacements made by other people, I have made one or two myself, but I found it very time consuming compared to default replacing clothes.

I noticed recently that some of my default replacements of Maxis hat hairstyles only work for the Everyday clothing category. When I switch to another clothing category, such as Formal or Sleep, they change back to a Maxis hairstyle (ironically, some of my least favourite ones, such as 'Meg' or 'ShortCute').

I wanted to fix this, so I read gwillewyn's tutorial on how to 'Change the Hair Used With a Hat', I haven't tried it yet, but it seems fairly straightforwards.

However, I noticed that you are left with 2 extra SimPE files at the end of the tutorial. I would rather just edit one existing single SimPE file (the one for the default replacement of a particular hairstyle), rather than ending up with 3 separate files.

I do have a default replacement file for one hairstyle, where the creator has managed to replace a hat hairstyle using a custom mesh with a hat for the Everyday clothing category, and they have made it so that the other clothing categories are replaced with the non-hat version of the same custom mesh - this is what I want to be able to do. I have attached a picture so you can see what I mean, this particular default replacement file replaces the Maxis hairsyle called 'HatBucket_Camo'.

Does anyone know how to do this please, or where I can find a tutorial with how to do it?

I did poke around in the file with SimPE, I could see that the creator had added the non-hat custom mesh parts, and property sets for the replaced Maxis non-hat hairstyle, but there were some files in there that I have never used before when making defaults, Hair Tone XML (XHTN) and Binary Index (BINX). There were also some things in the 3IDRs that I have never used, such as UI Data, Text Lists and Collection. I got a bit lost at this point.

To give you an idea of my existing knowledge, these are the default replacement tutorials I have been using so far, I'm comfortable with them and get good results (I've only made default replacements for clothes and hair):

I have also used this tutorial to make small tweaks to property sets (eg. to put hair in the correct colour bin):

Please could someone help/advise me/point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help

EDIT 09/02/21 = I have learned how to do this now, as a kind person helped me on Tumblr. If anyone else wants to know how, I hope this helps.

What you have to do is:
1. Find out which non-hat hair is linked to the hat hair (by checking in game)
2. Open up SimPE and find the non-hat hair which has the same value in 'family (dtString)' in the Property Set
3. Default replace the non-hat hair with the custom hair you want as the non-hat (you can do this by adding to the original default replacement file, to keep everything in one file)
4. Edit the categories for the hat hair and non-hat hair by changing the values in 'category (dtUInteger)' in the Property Set (there is a good guide on which values to use here
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