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Default Do you truly love music?
I've loved music since I was in my mother's belly, she would put on some music and I would start kicking around .
I love music, I'm grateful that I can listen to it, and my mom was exactly the same. I could listen to any song, I could listen to music all day.
What are your thoughts about music?

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8th Jan 2018 at 10:41 PM
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I guess I do, thats the only thing that would explain my unreasonably long playlist on spotify and all the bookmarks I have
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What HarVee said. I can't imagine going 1 single day without music. I'm always looking for new stuff, and if I could I'd listen to it 24/7. (Exception after being exposed to loud music for several hours)

I do the same. Just mute the in-game music

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Fun fact I now have 8128 songs on my spotify. Whoopsies . I think once I hit the 2000 mark a several years ago I decided that I'd just keep using the one playlist and see where they'd stop me.
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Yes. I do find music rather calming/soothing/healing at times. I sometimes listen to music while studying or simply browsing the internet. Sometimes you just have to drown out all the crazy nonsense with some good songs.

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my favorite band is red hot chili peppers
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Originally Posted by DonnaKeys
my favorite band is red hot chili peppers

I prefer my chili peppers slightly warm. I'm kidding of course, I've been a fan of theirs for a while now going back to when I first heard Give It Away.... which admittedly was a long time ago. I usually like some Korn with my Chili Peppers, makes a nice meal.

I love music. I can listen to just about anything, except for a lot of more modern music I just can't get into that. I'm old fashioned I guess. Music is one of the few things that I can still enjoy , and it can help keep me from falling back into the pit I usually can be found in. It's something that helps keep me going, because without music I'm not sure I would have anything that can really put me in a calming state.
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Korn and Chili Peppers? Is that Tex-Mex salsa? :P

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