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clacking instrument in songs
ive been obsessed with this clacking sound in songs for while now but i cant word it so google will know what im talking about. its like wood on wood high piched sound. its NOT claves or castanets, and there usually used in a fast rhythm. does anyone know what this clacking is called? an example of it is in Florence + The Machine 's Bedroom hymns. i want to make a playlist with only songs that have clacking in them so link some more songs if you know any please?
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Sounds like sidesticks. Could actually just be wood, used as a clave, though.

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Could it be bones? As in the wooden sticks that are made to be shaped like short ribs because originally, people used the ribs to make those sounds? You hear it in Cajun music. Or it could just be something simulated. It's hard to tell. When I looked the band up, the only mentioned was "percussion" without disclosing what it was. Sometimes in Arcadian, Cajun, and Canadian music one person will do "feet" which sounds a little like wood on wood. They put down a little wooden plank and then tap on it with their feet while playing another instrument.

I wonder if it just the percussionist tapping their two drum sticks together?

*Edit - Never mind, not bones. Johnny is probably right.

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