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Default Webcomic readers?
I have been reading webcomics for quite some time. Some of my favorites include

*The Book of Biff and Maximumble by Chris Hallbeck
*Bluechair and Owlturd by Andrew Tsyaston
*Live with Yourself, started by Andrew Tsyaston, briefly joint production with David Mercier until full control was handed to Mercier.
*Saphie the One-Eyed Cat by Johossi
*Acception by the Colourbee team.
*Books of Adam by Adam Ellis
(side note: he is working on a video game along the lines of Earthbound, 1980s and 1990s coming of age films and JRPGs in general called Fever Knights. All concept art so far is on Instagram and he has made it a big effort this year to progress forward on the development of the game.)

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Unsounded is really amazing. The art is just also so breathtakingly gorgeous and on par with published comics.
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