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Default Spooky Post
Hey it's been a hot minute but I thought I would post some pics I got for the Halloween spirit. Just a quick little update

Roderick and Ros Kapitha thought it would be a good idea to get some friends together and loiter in the Isla Del Kashmire Cemetery instead of trick or treat. Ros thinks she's too old but Roderick would disagree. He only agreed to Ros's idea to ghost hunt because Kaylee Piper was coming along and he thought that could put him in a position to comfort her if she got scared.

And look, it worked:

This, by the way is the Orbinson Family Mausoleum where Kent, Joy, Milo, Jana, and Kerry's souls are resting. Who knows how the Kapitha twins go a key to it.

A random spectral Dog, not one I remember being owned by any Orbinson gives Roderick a scare for trespassing. Maybe it's Kaylee's turn to comfort him.

Jana's ghost appears after the teens get out and she's just so lonely, she wanted to haunt them.

Thanks for reading!

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I'm not sure how to leave a comment in this format. I hope it goes where it's supposed to go.

What a lovely guide through several generations of unique family members. I love the way you include photos of each person over the years, and all the detail (when, why, with whom). The favorite sibling question is so interesting and different. And the glimpses inside the homes...well I love to take a peek at the way personalities are reflected in living spaces. It took me a while to meander through and that is a very good thing!
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Default End of the Year - Population!
Replies from last time

@jain - I got the comment just fine, thank you for dropping one Thank you for reading too, because it was a lot to go through, the collective history of families and whatnot. I'm a big fan of pics, as you likely can tell by now, so I must include as many as I can find and take to illustrate the writing


So I did a little project (and by little I mean about 5 hours) where I got pics of all my playable sims. A majority are ones that I either made, or were born from sims I made originally. A few other simmers' sims are in the population (SummerGlau, MaryanneSims, and Isamajor) that I had downloaded in the past, and then my sister's sims plus friends that visited that I made make me some sims round out the population. Many you have seen in previous posts in this thread but many you have not! I hope to bring you more family posts and updates in 2019.


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Default Media: Kashmire's Next Top Model
Okay so It's been a hot minute, happy half-way into the new year?

My hood has been on hold game play-progress-wise but I did take up hosting a 'Modelling Show' on Facebook. I made a copy of my Kashmire hood to run the 'show' - it's filled with other people's lady sim applicants competing to win Kashmire's Next Top Model. I have always been a fan of ANTM and as you can see, taking sim pics. If you would like to follow the show, it's on this public page - you do not have to have a a Facebook Account to look at it.

Anyway, here are my contestants and makeovers. You can see a sampling of each photoshoot in the MTS sim art sims 2 thread or to see the entire shoots, those are on my tumblr . Here are the episode album links:

Episode 1 | 1.5
Episode 2 | 2.5
Episode 3 | 3.5
Episode 4 | 4.5
Episode 5 | 5.5

I hope you enjoy my pics! Let me know if you happen to follow and if you have a favorite model! Thanks

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As you know, I am tremendously behind, so I will be commenting on things you posted long ago. I just have to say some things, even though your game is probably way past these points.

The Father's Day post:

The picture of Halen Louis and his girls perfectly captures their relationship. I like how proud he is of his unique daughters, and how they love him.

It's fitting that the Orbinson family picture is a more staged, official photo.

The Adagio Hart picture looks like they were posing for a photograph and Hazel couldn't stop herself from throwing her arms around him. I like it.

Anton Kapitha is maybe missing out on a bit by not being able to show his love in any but a physical way, but the kids have a good balance between their two parents.

Apartments & SCIA:

How fun that you built a headquarters and badges, and worked out a whole hierarchy for your SCIA agents.

Spooky Post:

Sneaky sneaky Roderick! It worked, though.

Next Top Model:

That sounds like a lot of fun. I like how very different the models are from each other. If I get around to reading the episodes, I may change my mind, but, being a redhead myself, I'm partial to Liliana and Felicity at the moment.
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Default UPDATE - Fall 2019
Replies from last time

Oh @Cher64 - no need to apologize. I'm actually way behind. Job stuff really ramped up this year so I've clocked a lot less hours in game overall in 2019. But I'm keepin' on and thank you so, so much in your continued interest no matter how long it takes you to reply

On point as usual in your observances about the father's day posts - especially about the Orbinson picture. Prim and Proper is their game, appearances are the most important asset they have so their photo is a bit stiff and professional.

The SCIA project came to be when I entered a short story contest on a sims FB group last summer. I had to be a bit extra about it though to go as far to make badges and a whole building. I finally published the short story on MTS! Here it is in case you want to check it out!

Roderick is STILL flirting like his life depends on it with Kaylee - even a year later! See below Fall pics for more teen shenanigans. His sister isn't there to interrupt him this time XD

My Modeling show is still going slowly but surely. I've made it up to the 6th Photoshoot! I too, have a soft spot for red-headed models. I find myself cheering for them on other people's sims modeling shows. It's just such a dynamic color and a great autumn color as well!


So Autumn is my favorite season and going on theme with last year's autumn pictures, I did a new batch featuring Roderick Kapitha, his cousin Xander Hart, and their two main squeezes, Lydia Mae MacKenzie and Kaylee Piper - who are the most popular teens in Kashmire at the moment and if Kaylee ever agreed to be Roderick's official girlfriend, they'd be the ultimate power couples! I used the Memosa Bay Regional Park as the back drop for some autumn-y pictures.

I almost forgot Melinda Cosgrove and Marty Calhoun finally got married (much to their scheming parents' pleasure), and went to Three Lakes on their honeymoon - all pics here

Then, they bought a house in Isla Del Kashmire and welcomed two new bundles of Calhoun into their lives, a son named Alexander and another on the way! Marty, like his brother, Jimmy, was looking for a specific job in the science career but an opening never happened so now he's a willing stay-at-home dad for his kid and writes novels from home when Alex is napping. Melinda works with her sister in the same architecture firm.

Here is a new family pic of all 3 generations of Calhoun men. L to R (Bryce, Jimmy, Ash, Marty, and Alexander)

In sadder news, a fire broke out in the home of Shandi Wellington - if you recall, she was the elder widowed mother with two daughters who was having a tough time making ends meet. It's now worse for poor Janine and Adela - luckily Janine is old enough to take care of Adela but since they really have no family ties (they have relatives but are not close with them at all) it's going to be tough moving forward.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I will not wait 6 months until the next update!

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OMG the way he sidelooks at the camera while he's picking apples! Perhaps it wasn't intentional, but he looks soooo sexy
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Fall is my favorite season and I love seeing the pictures.
Until you got to cats over owls (though I am allergic to cats, I'd still prefer one over an owl), I thought I had nothing at all in common with Franz! I, too, would much rather read than write.
How nice to see a picture of the generations of Calhoun men. The little ones will really treasure that at some point.
Poor Adela and Janine. I hope life will be kinder to them in the future, but it looks like it will be quite rough for a while.
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Default Update: Catching up with the Kapithas
Replies from last time

@nayhan1 - He does have rather striking eyes, even when avoiding eye contact. It wasn't intentional from a picture standpoint but it fits his narrative!

@Cher64 - I'm glad you loved my fall pictures. Winter has been cold and busy I think everyone can find something in Franz to relate to, whether it be one of his hobbies, his demeanor, or favorite things! And I played Adela and Janine recently, they have taken up to sleeping in their mom's bed and obsessively try to tidy it up if it hasn't been made. Janine is a few days from graduating and becoming a young adult, Adela just turned to a teen so I'll see what happens if Adela is left to live in a house all on her own!


As we saw last update, Roderick Kapitha has been trying (and failing) to convince Kaylee Piper to date him for over a year. Roderick is the 2nd most date-able guy in the high school. Plenty of his peers have their eye on him but they just can never sway his eyes from Kaylee Piper.

It's not that Kaylee likes to lead people on, but she doesn't want to go all in on a relationship if she doesn't *feel* it. And despite their single bolt of chemistry and max relationship points, it didn't seem any amount of Roderick's flirting and advances ever made her heart thrash against her chest and her knees go weak.

Roderick was always just...Rockerick. A Goofy, show-off, jock constantly trying to gain her affection. Until now. She rolled a want to fall in love with Roderick and I, as the Goddess of Kashmire, tried to make it happen!

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Isn't it funny that everyone would date Roderick except the one person he really wants to date? I'm happy for him that she finally gave him a chance. I love the picture of them with the blonde in the pink vest looking horrified.

Melody and Anton are hilarious together! Poor, traumatized Ros.
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Squeeee!!! They're all so beautiful!! And I love watching Roderick and Kaylee together. Great pics *Can finally see everything*
#162 Old 26th Feb 2020 at 7:30 PM
So happy to see this neighbourhood is still going! Loving all the sim pics

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