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The most interesting stories happening in my 1 day rotation Uberhood:

Alexandra O'Mackey had the welcome wagon visit her, where she kept rolling wants concerning Florence Delarosa. The two are friends now. She also wants to become best friends with John Mole who she recently kissed when I was with another family at a community lot. John Mole is also romancing Sharon Wirth. I don't know what Alexandra will think of that, if she ever finds out.

Marissa Cleveland wanted a baby so I had her & Jason Cleveland try for baby in the night. Jason has no chemistry with his wife, turns out he's gay and has small chemistry with Kent Capp. Justin Cleveland befriended Angela Pleasant..

Hermia Capp chose who she wanted, and she chose Mercutio. Until I visited Puck Summerdream, because then she let him kiss her whilst Mercutio was watching. He didn't seem to care. For now. When visiting another household at a community lot, I noticed Miranda Capp having her first kiss with.. Guess who! Mercutio Monty! They've made their own little complicated drama love-triangle whatever people call it. I wonder how that will go.. Also, Romeo Monty invited Juliette over because he wanted to & she brought her sister Hermia with her. Romeo rolled the want to flirt with Hermia and had no wants concerning Juliette.. I didn't do the flirt because that'd be silly of him to do so right in front of the one he's getting very far with.

Samantha Cordial had a difficult first day. Besides the fact that she got her first kiss with Lazlo Curious, she didn't become a witch like she wanted. Her sister Kimberly did, at the same time as autonomously falling in love with Frances McCullough. Samantha wanted to learn how to make pancakes & to serve a meal, so I had her do that. She caused a fire. That was one of her fears. Then her carpool showed up but she was too busy screaming at the fire, so she missed it. Then she went into aspiration failure. She's still going around with the Wilson ball (Castaway film anyone?), I feel for her.

Daniel & Mary-Sue Pleasant woohoo'd and I forgot to get the silent pregnancy, so now I know Mary-Sue got pregnant from the risky woohoo. Boring. Anyway, playing another household visiting the park, I noticed Daniel flirting away with none other than Denise Jacquet! Coral Oldie was there and she was not happy with either of them. Never get on Coral's bad side unless you want to constantly get poked on the chest...... I have a feeling she will bad mouth them both to Mary-Sue. She'd tell her daughter the truth about them but then her daughter would be pained.. Oh dear.
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As I play and Sims come over and infect the house with cold/flu/whatever, I am then loading up those sims and giving them a prisoner token.

I have some rampant illnesses on going, and as I recently added Disease Mod, I need to be more cautious if I don't want to wipe out my neighbourhood.
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About midway through week 6 in Pleasantview. I've got more households going now, and the five families' lives are starting to become more intertwined. It's become more complicated, and also more interesting. I had the first baby of Gen 2 (both parents are Gen 1) born. Here are a few family updates.

BROKE: Beau Broke got fired, is still gambling heavily, and is now having a full-blown affair with Priya Ramaswami. Barb went to college at La Fiesta Tech, where she hopes she might see an actual alien, and Biff got his first kiss and started going steading with a townie named Yvette.

BURB: It’s been a sad week for the Burbs. First, Ivan Burb died of food poisoning during his senior year in university. Then, Jennifer and John Burb died on subsequent days of old age. Lucy visited and Hans called John on his last day; they are his only surviving children.

DREAMER: Dirk Dreamer became an elder on the same day that his son with Blossom, Drew, was born. Daffodil Dreamer’s free love community did not get off to a great start. Andrew Pleasant was already living there as her roommate, and she invited her college boyfriend Juan Harris (townie) to move in. Juan got in the spirit of things by throwing a party while Daffodil was at work, at which both he and Andrew found willing woohoo partners. When Daffodil got home, her jealousy awakened; apparently, the free love was only supposed to be for her, not the guys. That was not what Juan signed up for, so he moved out (and is now seeing Celine Pleasant, who he met at the party, on the sly).

GOTH: Cybill Goth couldn’t wait to get married, so she left university early. Her wedding to Dawn Dreamer was a roof raiser with both families, several friends, and the love harp strings playing. Their name is now Dreamer-Goth. Cybill got a job in Medicine, and Dawn works in Education. Cassandra Goth also died of old age, and Alexander is trying to build a relationship with his son, Helios.

PLEASANT/BROKE: Angela Pleasant Broke is bored. She quit her job since her career was going backward, and Dustin just doesn’t have the energy he used to. Dustin thinks they need a vacation, but it’s hard for him to get away from work. Angela has been going downtown a lot to shop and flirt. After one of these trips, Celine found a strange man skulking around the house, and now she thinks she needs to protect her mother from herself. For her part, Celine started seeing Elijah Goth after running into him at the Dreamer-Goth wedding, and she’s dating Juan Harris as well, after meeting him at a swinging party. Celine has hidden her wild side well, but she is certainly enjoying herself now.

PLEASANT: On impulse, Lilith Pleasant and Jonah Powers got married; they are both now elders, and Jonah seems very happy to continue to sit in the hot tub all day. Aisha Pleasant was fired and is now working from home as a freelance writer. She got pregnant during a visit from her FWB, Elijah Goth, but as she had no wants for marriage, she decided to stay at Lilith’s and raise the baby alone. Their daughter is Mara Pleasant, and surprisingly, Jonah has volunteered to do most of the childcare. He seems quite content for once. (Romance Sims do seem to make good dads/granddads!)
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It's day 95 in Bonneville and winter is here.
The hood is currently home to 94 playables with 49 males and 46 females (3 babies, 5 toddlers, 10 children, 8 teens, 49 adults and 20 elders).
Mayor Garance Rivest is about to send tax assessments for her last term.

Bonneville finally gets its first university.
Bonnevillians who can afford it will be able to visit Takemizu village (courtesy of my ROS).
#5855 Old 27th Oct 2020 at 1:57 PM
I spent too much time CC shopping to even load my game yesterday and I've got a grocery emergency to stop my loading it today unless it's just a small build update in town.
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#5856 Old 27th Oct 2020 at 2:17 PM
I've discovered that some older hair meshes don't load correctly in the game anymore, instead appearing constantly overexposed ingame. I spent quite a bit of time discovering that it is, indeed, the meshes fault, (originally incorrectly wondering if it was Layana's work that was outdated) and now I can't enjoy melodie9's or DJmur3's unupdated 2006 meshes. I was happy that their updated meshes and post-2009 meshes do load correctly. Also some of their meshes have been fixed by fanseelamb, and those work. I tried the ones that aquilegia had worked on, but alas the same overexposure issue pervaded for those as well.
I think perhaps my recent change to dreadpirate's lighting adjustments has 'exposed' a previously overlooked flaw in these older meshes.

I'm a young adult in poor health, trying to heal enough to complete my goals.
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#5857 Old 28th Oct 2020 at 12:45 PM
I've been playing some neighbourhoods that I haven't visited in a while, I have them all backed up on my server as complete Sims 2 userdata, so I have a set of config files and Downloads for each hood. I found this one which I had totally forgotten about- Saskion Prime- which heavily relies on custom content and mods to work. The scenario is that four sim astronauts have landed on the planet Saskion Prime and are pioneers in the project to colonise an uninhabited alien world for the future good of simkind. So they have built an underground bunker compound which has slowly been expanded, and grow food and make craftables so that they can survive. They can't breathe the air on the planet so whenever they go outside they have to wear an astronaut suit and helmet. However, they have found out that there is a secretive population of local aliens who sometimes pass by, and so they set up a business to sell their excess produce and craftable items, and trade with the aliens for things they need. The colonists have also produced two babies so far.

I was using some of Pescados macro mods to automate the gardening and cleaning, so I'm going to have to figure out how to use it all again so that I can play this hood for a while!

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#5858 Old 28th Oct 2020 at 1:16 PM
I'm currently having a bit of a problem with the matchmaker sending the same Sims over and over again. I want to match Lucy Burb up with another playable! Thought about posting on the help forum, but it's just a minor nuisance.
#5859 Old 28th Oct 2020 at 2:49 PM
I've installed some new CC and tested it with placing one of the items on my homestead lot in my Homesteader's challenge town.
#5860 Old 28th Oct 2020 at 3:54 PM
Originally Posted by KatKaleen
I'm currently having a bit of a problem with the matchmaker sending the same Sims over and over again. I want to match Lucy Burb up with another playable! Thought about posting on the help forum, but it's just a minor nuisance.

Maybe she only has good chemistry with that one sim? I guess since skills can randomly be turn-offs, if she has a lot of skills some sims can be turned off by one of them?
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Tessa's first client in the new Village Records Office was Sharla Ottomas, who had just reached her majority and was ready to set up home with her boyfriend, Adrian Gergis. Sharla hadn't a penny to her name, her large family having taken up everything she could earn, but Adrian had $19,000 in the bank, so Tessa happily assigned them to the recently finished cottage down by the main road.

Later that afternoon, she was watching the snow fall when a large family of Tinkers came to a stop outside the office. Only two of them came in: an elder and his adult daughter, Melody. They had come from Bluewater and were looking for a place to settle, at least for the winter. They had quite a lot of hand-crafted toys to sell, but even then they fetched up short for any of the homes Tessa had available. She wondered whether she should assign them to a back lot where they could build their own cabin, or to an apartment that would offer immediate shelter but very little space. Melody, her parents, her teenage brother, her half-alien teen daughter, half-alien 6-year-old son and pet cat all squeezed happily into the tiny Welcome Cabin for the night, though, so Tessa called Sharla to make sure the first one-bedroom apartment was ready. It was, so she signed Melody up for work and assigned the family to the apartment. Tessa wouldn't have liked such crowded conditions, but the Tinkers seemed happy enough with the arrangement.

With Sharla moving out and Peter retiring, the Ottomas family were greatly relieved when Tommy came home and told them he'd been promoted to Architect's Apprentice. The higher salary more than compensated for Peter's drop in income, even if it didn't quite cover Sharla's, and the twins are close to graduating from high school. Mike helped Bobby grow up to toddler and Samantha started teaching him to walk. Carol is now the only girl still at home, so she has a room to herself.
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#5862 Old 28th Oct 2020 at 7:16 PM
Originally Posted by sugoisama
Maybe she only has good chemistry with that one sim? I guess since skills can randomly be turn-offs, if she has a lot of skills some sims can be turned off by one of them?

Huhm. I'll look into her turn-ons. Thanks!
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#5863 Old 29th Oct 2020 at 12:09 AM
The Dreamer family is so close-knit and family-oriented. Dirk and Blossom are having a happy marriage in elderhood and are doing a good job raising their very young son. Dirk has taken up painting again, the paintings are selling well, and Blossom is writing a cooking column. Dirk's daughter Dawn has made best friends with Blossom. She adopted a baby with her wife, Cybill, and quit her job to take care of him. Cybill is doing well in the Medical career and will probably finish her degree. They often have their sisters and Blossom over for ladies' afternoons, and Dirk also drops by quite a bit just to see the baby and play some chess.

Poor Daffodil. It was her idea to start a cult, but she is really so naive. Her 'roommate' Andrew Pleasant has gotten her pregnant, and I fear she's in for a rude awakening. Andrew got fired, his ex is stalking him, he's miserable, and he basically thinks he's made a huge mistake. Whatever happens, though, Daffodil will have the love and support of her family.
#5864 Old 29th Oct 2020 at 12:10 AM
You could also use TJ's cristal ball for more choices. I failed at finding a valid link though.
#5865 Old 29th Oct 2020 at 12:34 AM
Originally Posted by Essa
You could also use TJ's cristal ball for more choices. I failed at finding a valid link though.

This link appears to work. https://archive.org/details/findamatecrystalball

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#5866 Old 29th Oct 2020 at 3:32 PM
Winnifred and Charles Wolff moved out of Charles' bachelor pad into another apartment down the street that they could make into their own. It's still tiny, but it at least has an open kitchen/living room and second bedroom. They got a roommate Andy to take up the second bedroom and help pay for the rent. Both Win and Charles each had a dog before they got married, Beatrice and Shaggy, and the two are not getting along at all. I hope they don't have to end up rehoming one of them. Winnifred and Charles are crazy about their dogs. If they had to choose to get rid of one it would definitely put a strain on their relationship. They are scolding their pets when they act hostile and praising them when they are friendly- I'm not so sure what else they can do.

Eleanor (nee Dane) and Amin Sims (former townie) also decided to follow the Wolff's to the same building. Amin brought in 20k to the marriage which is more than any of my Sims would know to do with, so I decorated their apartment like crazy. Most of my Sims are pretty broke so it was a lot of fun finally getting to decorate a home to this extent. Amin threw a party, he's a Popularity Sim like Winnifred, so they love to have a good time together. Eleanor is pleased to have a fully decorated nursery for their expected child. She hopes her friends Win and Charles have a baby soon (whenever they're ready- she won't push them!) so that her child has a friend to play with.

Also, I tested how adding downloaded subhood templates work (much simpler than I thought). Land Grant University and Widespot will be coming soon to Luna Canyon! I'm excited to mix these characters with my Luna Canyon and Cliffrose Heights characters.
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Originally Posted by BeckyBoo8
They are scolding their pets when they act hostile and praising them when they are friendly- I'm not so sure what else they can do.

Once the dogs learn to be friendly from all the scolding/praising, they can also be commanded to "go play with" another dog, which will hopefully encourage them to start to like each other.
Also, make sure they each have their own bowl, bone and bed, or they will fight over those more frequently (they might still if they are aggressive).

I finally had a sim adopt Sarah and Danny for the first time. She already had two dogs. She just loves dogs. It has been quite the challenge even just to make sure that they ate!
#5868 Old 29th Oct 2020 at 4:44 PM
@BeckyBoo -I've had poor sims moving into subsidized apartment lots when they're just starting out and don't have much money.
I was just in Dodge adding a slop dump bin to my smaller home in Dodge before having to exit the game because I have no time to spare for playing more.I did test to fin that the new CC I just added to my game is showing up like it should.
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I added in Riverblossom Hills as a subhood and am playing some Maxis sims for the first time in about 12 years. Due to circumstances, I ended up wiping all their memories but not family ties or relationships so it's a tiny bit strange but still workable. I also changed the seasons as two winters are more than I can handle. It now goes spring, summer, fall, winter to fit in with my aging mod that includes a full summer break from school.

Alexandra O'Mackey-moved to a small house downtown. The whole pirate thing was just an excuse and really she hated the countryside and gardening, was finally ready to come to terms with being bisexual, and wanted the freedom to explore. She got fired from her job as a dread pirate, is now a security guard hoping to join the police force, and has two new lovers.

Gabe O'Mackey- has been focused on healing the relationship with his daughter, Jules, and his job. He went on one incredibly lackluster date with Patricia Wan. It wasn't good, it wasn't bad it was simply "bleah". He eventually got promoted to be a guest lecturer at the university and met a lovely Uni student he has 3 bolts of chemistry with. They are taking it very slowly as he feels his top priority is his daughter.

Jules O'Mackey- has one goal and that is to get 3 scholarships (my requirement) so she can attend Uni. She used her summer vacation to increase her skills and get promoted at work along with a whole lot of gardening. She now has two scholarships under her belt and is really pushing for the 3rd with her gardening. She doesn't have much time left but I'm pulling for her to make it. She has managed to make a few friends outside of town and that has given her even more motivation to follow them to Uni.

Leod McGreggor- Took one look at Cleo (not going to attempt spelling her last name) and fell head over heels in love. He has very little spare time as he had to get the farm up and running. He has had her over for dinner twice. The first time they both rolled wants to fall in love and to get engaged. The second time they got engaged and now both want to get married. Leod is determined to throw a wedding party, although I've no idea who he wants to invite as he only has one other friend. In between the dinners, he did go to her place a couple of times so it's more than just the two dates. I can't see how he will be able to afford a wedding until the end of fall and he has had a couple of harvests.

Cleo and Patricia- Cleo as you know is in love with Leod. She is also trying hard to move up from studio musicians as the hours will not jibe with being a farmer's wife at all. Patricia was so bored on her one date with Gabe that she went home and pooled what funds she had to pay for a matchmaker. She met a great guy who is currently a student but will graduate soon. It's early days for them and if the relationship works out it would mean moving downtown as Griffin is no farmer and would never enjoy the rural lifestyle.

Catherine Viejo (not sure if that last name is correct)- This household mostly has been just trying to get itself sorted out. Catherine is the only one that has had much happen. She got fired from her job and went to drown her sorrows downtown at the Lucky Shack. She met a young guy there and has now become a bit of a cougar. The rest of the household has no idea what to think. Jacob Martin seems to be one very confused teen. He is going steady with Sandy Roth but keeps showing up at Jules O'Mackeys. I don't think he has a clue what he actually wants but if he doesn't get his head in gear he will not get enough scholarships to go to Uni and it will be a moot point.

Greenman- The only thing I've done here is cure both Rose and Daisy of plantsimness. I think Rose might also be pregnant. Jason is just going to have to deal with having a normal wife and child.

Roths- I've not done much here either except to gussy them all up. Morty and Stella have been rekindling their marriage and Stella is trying to improve her relationship with her children. Sandy and Jacob seem to only be going steady for convenience's sake. I'm thinking once they get fully exposed to the large teen population outside their little town it won't last long.

I actually like some of these EA houses and that is also a first for me. I especially like the O'Mackeys with the attached greenhouse. I'm going to have to try that out in my own building projects.

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Default Random Challenge Shenanigans
Eh, I've not made an update in this thread for a while, so I'll just detail one of my recent exploits; highly doubt that's the word I'm going for, but oh well...

I've been taking a small break from my Pleasantview and have instead been playing around in a challenge hood doing - you know - challenges. I've done three Asylum Challenges and a Study or Die Challenge.

The first two Asylum Challenges were failures, simply because I kept the Weekly Arsonist mod in my game on accident, and with me not being allowed to call the fire department, everyone perished. The third attempt was a success, that much so that it was boring actually. I followed the rules to a T and everyone was just too smart, which is a first

The Study or Die Challenge was the most hectic surprisingly. I made the mistake of doing the challenge in a 12 room dorm... don't do that, unless you want to spend most of the time pleading with the Grim Reaper and having 20+ urns dotted everywhere. This happened to me, not joking.

I only had three sims get their diploma, two of them actually escaped. Considering that this was out of seven sims...

Ripp's death in particular made me both laugh and cry. He got his diploma and since he was the last sim to leave, I had to have him leave in the morning. Why? Because I didn't want to risk saving with ghosts active, even if it's just a challenge hood.

I queued a bunch of interactions for him to look after his needs, while I left to make a brew. First mistake. I came back to see that Ripp had cancelled the actions I had given him in favour of sighing over the demise of a random dormie. Great. While I queued food, toilet, shower, and then bed for him again, he went to play on a game machine. Every single action in his queue cancelled again. I knew what was coming...

...Yeah, Ripp got killed by fright... the ghost to have done this to him was Johnny Smith... what a good friend he is...

But yeah, I've just been doing random stuff. Procrastinating. The Lotharios really aren't an exciting bunch to play, but I'll get round to it in the upcoming days, hopefully.

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In Respite, Cyd Roseland has a new roommate. The Newson clan finally made it to Sedona, and Tessa's screening interviews determined that Garrett, now an independent teen, was the kind of person Landgraab Enterprises wanted to know about. Cyd is a Cat Burglar, has no family and is close to retirement, making him the perfect mentor and foster-father for the wannabe Criminal Mastermind. Garrett was understandably anxious about leaving his friends, but Porthos won him over instantly, and he is settling in to a new life as a Landgraab Young Gentleman.

The other five, along with Tiffany the dog, are staying an extra night in the Welcome Cabin until the second one-bedroom apartment is ready for them.
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#5872 Old Yesterday at 6:48 PM Last edited by sturlington : Yesterday at 6:59 PM.
I have reached the end of week 6 in Pleasantview. A fair number of my first-generation teens are at university now. Here is an update on my five families with the total number of ancestors.

BROKE (5): Celine had a frank talk with Angela and told her she'd better find something to occupy herself with or she was going to ruin her marriage, so Angela has started volunteering. Then Celine threw her mother a roof raiser of a birthday party. I think Celine is my favorite of the first-generation kids. Her Landgraab nature has really come out in full force, as she takes charge of everything and also takes what she wants when she wants it, but she's also really fun-loving and super-loyal to her friends and family. Dustin is still working all the time, trying to make the top of the Law career. Thor and Loki are at university.

Beau caused trouble in his marriage by accidentally flirting with Priya at a party in front of his wife. Barb and Biff are both at college now. Before he went, Biff had two girlfriends in high school and woohooed with them both, so they both moved on to university, too. Barb is either gay or bi (not sure), but has not dated much.

Bobby also caused a little trouble by flirting with his coworker Juan Harris after a couple of beers in front of Jimmy. (Juan is causing all sorts of trouble around the neighborhood, and I'm not even playing him.) They were both mad at each for a while, but Jimmy decided to forgive him for what was really a harmless flirtation, but it better not happen again. Bud has become a teen (Knowledge) and is also gay like his dads.

BURB (3): Lucy got a job in the Slacker career. Helios invited his father over and they became best friends. Lucy and Alexander also repaired their friendship, but there are no romantic feelings there anymore. Helios became a teen (Popularity) and is very grouchy. Hans is still at university.

DREAMER (4): Dirk and Blossom had their baby, Drew, and are both happy elders now. Daffodil is pregnant with Andrew Pleasant's child. Dag is still at university and dating Valentine Ottomas.

DREAMER-GOTH (1): Cybill and Dawn adopted a baby boy, Sterling.

GOTH (4): Deborah and Delphia both got their first kisses and woohoos in before going to university. Delphia is gay like her older sister, and her girlfriend, Ivy Copur, went to university as well. Alexander has a townie girlfriend now but isn't exactly head over heels about her; he may take more of an interest in dating or settling down now that he's the only one in the big house again. He put in a pool and a hot tub and donated a significant amount of money to his alma mater.

Elijah had been juggling three girlfriends, but when Celine and Elizabeth started showing an interest in each other, he was not happy. Too bad, Elijah, fair is fair. He's probably poisoned the well with both of them, and now he's back to thinking he may marry Aisha after all. He needs to make up his mind.

PLEASANT (8): The most babies by far! Aisha's daughter with Elijah Goth is Mara and just became a toddler. Andrew Pleasant is living with Daffodil Dreamer and kind of regretting it now that he's going to be a father. His younger brother Charles got expelled from college and moved back home. His mother, Kaylynn, and her boyfriend, Wyatt, had both died of old age, and Charles inherited the family home. Charles married his college girlfriend, Katherine (dormie), although he is also in love with Valentine Ottomas and thinks of her often. They got pregnant right away and had twins, Elizabeth and James. Charles wants Katherine to be a homemaker, so she quit her job, but she may not be happy in that role for long. William is still at university.

ETA Actually, it's six families now since I spun off the Dreamer-Goths into a separate family.
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Thanks a bunch!
Originally Posted by Clashfan

Essa, too, of course.
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