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Originally Posted by Inge Jones
You could be in debt and facing homelessness, and still escape into a game where you are playing with a sim who is dying of cancer to take your mind off it. Or you could be the Queen of England with the best doctors in the world, gold toilet seats, and bored stiff with banquets and healthy living, and enjoy escaping into a game filled with debt, sickness, and homelessness. So escape doesn't always have to mean light humour. In fact you can escape your thoughts more easily if the game or TV drama is really gripping and deep, otherwise your mind will just wander back to your own problems.

Off the subject but I'm bored but QE escapes by watching the TV sitcoms.
Our UK Queen Elizabeth does this with watching Eastenders apparently and I wonder if she thinks that all her subjects act like that normally! I doubt if she plays computer games but Princess Anne helped her with Zoom recently according to a video.

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Cancer might be fine, but not pasted as it is but sort of inspired and obviously be renamed. With TS2 illness system, you could kinda recreate - with your own effort put a little - said victim of the ilness by manually sending them to the mirror to "shave" their head or ect.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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