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Hey so need help. One of my families had a "neighborhood pet adoption" however in my game, my game keeps crashing when I try to play with cats and dogs which I don't care, I've been playing ok without them. However when I went to change back to that household with the adoption going on, the change active household option wasn't there. I know there is a way through nraas overwatch to prevent adoptions, I saw it in an older post here but a link to what I needed here turned out to be gone If I get the regular nraas overwatch, will that give what I need? Thanks
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Wikispaces was our former landlords and shut down two years ago. NRaas is now here, which you can also find by using any major search engine.

Overwatch has an option under NRaas > OW > Settings > Stop Pet Adoption. If you set it to True, it should shut down the Neighborhood Pet Adoption Center scenario. This may take a sim day or so if you put the mod in after the scenario has already been running as it's really designed to be effective by having been in place already. The setting does not prevent other kinds of pet adoptions as its name might imply, just the often broken and unrealistic Neighborhood Center scenario.

I don't know what you mean by the "regular" NRaas Overwatch. There aren't different kinds of it, just the one. We simply moved, we don't have franchises.

NRaas StoryProgression, for those so inclined, will also prevent the scenario from running with no settings changes required.
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