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#2726 Old 10th Dec 2020 at 9:45 PM
@PenelopeT -- While the damaged ornaments are vintage glass, they've only been my heirlooms for a decade. The tree and lights were bought new back then, but all other ornaments have been an accumulation of thrift-store finds over the years, with those particular baubles being among the first year's finds. They're all my precious treasures now, but I know they were once precious to other people (well, except for things like the more modern still-in-superstore-package tinsel that seems to have been a mere product of someone's overbuying) and that eventually, I'll leave most of them behind in another thrift store. If this had been a normal year, I might have done so already, because I can't see myself shipping them between states or countries. That doesn't make me any happier about random destruction by chance and entropy, but this is the year for that. If this sounds too stoic an attitude to be real, it's because I have to seize that for the things I can regard in that manner. You have no idea the number of things I cannot take with similar equanimity! Playing TS2 is one of the things that has improved my ability to keep my temper with regard to unintended destruction, "glitchiness" or unexpected results, but Real Life getting corrupted (or at least feeling like it) has tested my limits.

@Sunbee -- Or worse, our Watcher has left the game unattended and it has been commandeered by a (maybe malicious, maybe oblivious) younger sibling with little idea of narrative continuity, storyline logic, or game stability. Or our Watcher has installed a whole load of new mods without quite understanding how they will interact and the effects on the game. (I did something like that with my old megahood shortly before this mess started, causing an unfolding disaster that was not constrained by lot edges, which is one of the reasons I can't play it now. Too traumatic a mirror to Real Life!) Or the younger sibling has done so...
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Originally Posted by Sunbee
We're quite convinced the entire world is some sort of freewill challenge, and the Simmer is just sitting back, shaking His head, and watching us set the kitchen on fire AGAIN, saying "Y'all could make chef salad, but no, you had to go for Baked Alaska."

Metaphorically speaking.

At least Sims' Disasters tend to stop at the edge of their own lot.

"Metaphorically speaking"? or not...

Namaste... or "go"
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...when you see a car with registration plates "524 BFF" and say "Wow, how many BFFs."
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You watch Lego City Adventures and the giant floating Cubby balloon immediately reminds you of the giant floating pig balloon.

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Today I noticed that in addition to the typical gaming WASD keys and the spacebar, the P button on my laptop seemed to also be a bit greasier than others... I wonder what's making me press the P button so much, which coincidentally is the first letter in the word "pause"... we may never know...
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When you open up a new realm of discovery when finally playing with the open for business part of sims 2. I decided to open up a home business to see how OFB works and wow is it ever fun.
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..when you are temporarily stopped playing but still download interesting CC.
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When I miss university so much that I'm building a university in the Sims....wait, does this show that I'm playing the Sims too much or that I'm not going to university enough?

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