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Well, when I moved Chester Gieke into the Singles household, he eventually hooked up with Chloe Curious-Smith, and got her pregnant at some point. I ended up exiting without saving, but not before seeing what they would have made first. It ended up being a set of female triplets: Number 1, Number 2, and Baby Girl (since I accidently hit "enter" before I could type "Number 3").
Number 1 turned out pretty, and Baby Girl was a bit glitched, but ultimately turned out very pretty. Number 2, however...

She also had the wierdest glitch-her hair kept alternating between black and red as she grew up--I never did anything to it, it just did that on it's own!

She ended up as a passable adult, still no beauty queen, but I thought that she had character. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep her.
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Well, I got this in one of my custom hoods:

He looks like one of those "Treasure Trolls" dolls from the nineties!
See?! Seperated at birth! If he'd gotten his dad's skintone (holding him in the first pic), it would've been an exact match!

You can't say that it's just a case of toddler/little kid fug either:
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Want Moar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Here they are. Engendro (the man with the giant cheeks) and Esperpento (the woman) Espantoso. Their names mean something like Freak and Frightening Sight Frightful but it sounds stupid in English. They are married and the wife is expecting a baby... or something like that. When they kiss it looks as if he was eating her face.

She was expecting twins. Of course when they were born they were cute, but now they are horrible. The girl is Abominación (Abomination), if you can't tell which is the girl, she is the one that has her father's cheeks. The boy is even uglier and his name is Espantajo, that means something like Scarecrow, but there isn't a translation actually. Their parents aren't very sensitive naming their children like that. Does anyone else thinks that Espantajo looks like a mosquito?
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Why would you even breed of Sims like that???
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Originally Posted by lilyandsnuggles2
Why would you even breed of Sims like that???

To see the outcome.
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meet the Doogel's

Guy Fox and Meatloaf ....... I mean Mandy and Ed
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I agree with functiona, sometimes it's just funny seeing what comes out. Not to mention that, for some reason, seriously "ugly" sims usually end up having some of the best and/or most interesting personalities.

Take for instance, a few months ago when I downloaded the now somewhat infamous sim Sy Snoodles (shown below attempting to make out with a townie, no altering of facial structure or genetics from the origional download, I just added some different make-up and hair), put her in the game under the name Sly Snoodles, and started snagging different townie walk-bys and gypsy dates for breeding material.

First came her oldest, Slicke Snoodles. He looked like a little old man who squinted at everything.

Then came her second-born, Oilie Snoodles. He looked like a frog, but with an odd gap or hole or something in his forehead which looked like a second mouth. So, a mutant frog.

Unfortunately, that was as far as I got before my game got nuked and I lost them and their hood, but I still had my downloads, including the Sy template, so she's now back in a new hood, and will soon be renewing her mission of spreading her genes upon an unsuspecting populous once more. Mwahaha!

Update! Last night, Sly ver. 2.0 sucessfully bred. Say hello to her new baby girl (now a toddler), named Slippherie Snoodles.

In keeping with the "what do they resemble?" theme, I'm thinking she reminds me of a duck-billed platapus. Only green.
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Meet Betty Ugg.

This is her husband, Frank Ugg.

And their son, Endy Ugg.

My sims are ''natural ugly''.
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I look at sims people think are particularly pretty and think "meh." Mostly they seem insipid to me; which may often be partly due to the necessity of posting still pictures. With the exception of the really exaggerated ones, a lot of these "uglies" seem charmingly individual to me; and the "mashed in faces" look to me like people who have the wrong skin tone for their faces. They ought to be black, that's all. I have a number of attractive black people in my game using those broad-nosed, full-mouthed templates.

However, one of the first couples I created in CAS does in fact tend to produce ugly children. I made him as gaunt-looking and her as round-faced as I could, and the results are for the most part a little unfortunate. I realized this while still in CAS making children for them to start the game with, and decided to go for it anyway. I don't mind sims looking a little cartoony, and I do mind not being able to tell my characters apart when they appear in the background. Ma is the local baby machine, so I'll have plenty of chances to see how fast the ugly works out. The Hawkinses have turned out to be not only the most prolific, but the most sexy, family in the game, each and every one so far a woohoo god in the eyes of other sims.

I don't take screen shots, so you'll have to settle for my in-game photos, few of which show good detail, but here goes.

This is Cooper Hawkins dancing with his wife Ginger, nee Newson. Note the mouth wider than his face. This makes him particularly expressive. When he's happy, you can see it form orbit. About the only time he ever stops grinning is when I tell him to clean up and he pouts at me. His high school girlfriend had a hard time getting over him when I sent her to college and kept him home. She's now married to Ginger's brother and living across the street because that couldn't possibly get awkward for anybody.

His younger brothers Merlin (left) and Harris (right). It's hard to get a shot that shows all of Harris's features properly. Note the Dumbbo ears and the chin that he presumably also uses as a letter opener. I gave him the same hairstyle as Cooper because they share the overly-broad forehead and cheekbones combined with the pointed chin, and the Afro mitigates the effect, but at least his mouth fits on his face. The glasses obscure the freakish hugeness of his eyes. I adore Harris, and so does practically every sim woman he meets, though (or perhaps because) he's absolutely faithful to Gabriella Newson. Most women have lightning bolts with him, and his friends' wives and girlfriends all occasionally put up wants to flirt with him. He's got ten nice points and hugs a lot (but always, except with Gabriella, in a Friendly way), but has twice been moved to fisticuffs in defense of a woman's honor. Lesbians dream about this man. He reminds me of a man I knew in SCA, who made every woman he met feel that she was the only one who could possibly tempt him away from his wife and family but that she was too good a person to try! Except that guy was handsome.

A better picture of Merlin, dancing with his fiancee, Georgia Newson. (I had a shortage of teen females for awhile; there was no one to hook up with but Newsons and townies.) For my money he's the ugliest of the Hawkins men, because of his thin mouth that hardly ever smiles, and because in front view his chin vanishes into his neck and it appears he doesn't have one. In fact of course it's only very pointed. The mouth looks kind of muzzle-like, and his eyes are as much too small as Harris's are too big. The caved-in cheeks and vestigial jaw are the worst, though. He's a Knowledge sim and his plan was to do nothing but study at University, but Georgia kept following him into the bathroom and grabbing his butt, so they're engaged now. Georgia's friends at the sorority all think he's adorable and will spend hours in the hot tub with him. He doesn't generate lightning in as many women as Harris does, but when he does generate it it's generally at two bolts.

And finally, Pigeon, their oldest little sister, on the day she finally rebelled against those awful ponytails her Ma had her in. She's the best-looking of the lot so far and I can see why the teen boys flock after her. Okay, sure, at a little distance you're wondering why she's wearing an egg on her shoulders, and those eyes are as freakishly huge as her favorite brother Harris's, but - look at that confident stance! Those full lips twitched up at the corners, indicating good humor and restraint! Those high, expectant brows, giving her the look of someone waiting, inquisitively, for something to be pleased at. Close to, you probably feel like you could fall into those eyes and drown. Right now she's going steady with one of the Gavigan boys, but she ambush-dated Garrett Newson when she was a freshman and he was a senior and even though he's been dating a different girl every week he keeps wondering impatiently when Pigeon's going to start college. She works hard raising her younger sisters - all of whom are much uglier, but who don't have pics even this good yet.

And finally, an example of someone I think is attractive but suspect most people here would put in the "fuggly" category. That's one of Garrett's steadier dates, Lourdes Iana, on the left, when she had Garrett and Merlin over to take care of her when she had food poisoning. She's a Guasimalan simmigrant and I'm pleased with how she came out. Except for the brown hair, which is a statistical outlier for the ethnicity, she looks like a slightly cartoony version of the Hispanics I see around me every day. If I can successfully get her and Garrett there together (the question being whether I can keep him from succumbing to Pigeon's allure all over again during the single semester they'll overlap on campus - breaking them up once they got together would have dreadful reverberations throughout the whole intertwined family tree) they should have interesting-looking babies.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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Hopefully I don't get in trouble for reviving this! Anyway, she's not as ugly as some of the sims on here, but I think she still qualifies for this thread. Meet the scariest dormie I've ever seen in my game:

And this is AFTER I downloaded and installed some default replacement skintones, faces, and eye colors. I don't even want to imagine what she would have looked like if I hadn't done that (I didn't see her in my game until after I installed the default replacements)!
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What has been seen cannot be unseen...
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Same raised-face sim..

This is how he has dinner:

Or grilled cheese:

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How did you even DO that?

Namaste... or "go"
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Downloaded a town from a fansite, and was browsing dead sims and came across this. Oh sweat lord in heavens please help this ugly child!

Please listen to this song and stare blankly at her face:

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Olivia Beaker, daughter of Siggeir and Grimhild (Subject) Beaker. The combination of Subject eyes and Beaker brows is definitely not for the faint of heart and her gaunt face will only get gaunter as an adult:

I think she's more uglycute than straight-up ugly, though:

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Lucy Bradshaw diabolically plotting how to ruin Simcity and The Sims further:

Its funny because it looks like her:

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