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Default Memories
So for all you Yankees who've bought the game already; do sims have memories still? That had to be my single favorite function in the sims 2 and I'm more than passingly curious.
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#2 Old 3rd Jun 2009 at 6:48 PM
Nope, they don't sorry.
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yeah, its sad considering the mood reader (your sim can tell how others think of them ), that combined with a memories system would make an in-game story teller, good for when you leave one sim to solo for a while you work another family. It would be nice to see what the bugger was up to away from my watchful eye.

Chalk it up as more fuel for the modders.
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I miss the memories and the special-event cutscenes way more than I ever realized I would. One of those 'don't know what you've got until it's gone' things.
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Well doesn't that just beat all. Memories would have been a perfect fit in the Sims3. I guess with all the inhabitants of neighborhood it might have gotten bogged down. Maybe that's why the axed it.
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Are there actually more inhabitants, though? Did townies have memories in TS2?
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No. The townies would show up in your family with amnesia, for the most part. They'd remember getting married or engaged, but they would be on day 0 of adulthood and a blank slate of memories.

I remember people complaining that they had their kids taken by the social workers and then other people adopted them. The kids lost all of their memories of toddlerhood and their old parents.
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TS2 townies have memories, but only of your created sims interactions with them. Townie on townie events must have been unmemorable ;P
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I actually have a hack, downloaded from here, that causes the game to NOT erase a Townies` memories when they move in. Since Sims 3 Sims don`t *have* memories, I guess it wouldn`t be useful for someone to write one for Sims 3.

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Well... ^$#@!.

One more reason not to buy the game. If my sims are going to live without me, they damned well better remember it.
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The memories were also one of my favourite features of sims 2 and I think its crap that EA scrapped them, it was nice to see what my sims had done and look back on them. *sigh* Also, as said would be useful to see what sims do whilst you play another family and how their babies come about.

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