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TS2 aging?
Hey guys.

So I'm sorry if this has been discussed a million times before. I found it discussed a few places but nothing answered my questions simply enough for me to, well...grasp how to solve my problem, I guess. And it's probably something that's really obvious and I'm just really dense so...I do apologize.

I just downloaded the awesome mod tonight and I was excited that one of the things it can do is make TS2 style aging possible. But It's not just automatically enabled I know. How do I turn it on? I already tried TS2Aging true in the cheat box. I cannot believe how stupid this sounds and I'm going to feel like such an idiot when someone tells me but I can't figure it out and I've tried googling it, I've tried reading things over at MATY, nothing is helping. So feel free to tell me I'm being dumb, but please just tell me how I can do this and I won't mind too much.
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The same page you downloaded awesome mod, in the instructions there is a link to the configuration tool. You need to use that to create a configuration file for yourself. But notice, if you use overwatch from twallan it overrides awesome's aging so TS2 style aging will not work.

Other alternatives is to use buzzler's aging mod, twallans SP or I have also made a small mod for this . Here are the instructions for what else the mod does. Just notice you have to keep the mod in town for the TS2 aging to work. I have mine in city hall as garden decorations because it's easy to access it from anywhere in town.
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Ok thank you so much, I didn't even see that. I don't use overwatch so I should be good.
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