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Default Thoughts on Sims Stories?
I'm an artist, and I've been writing for years now. I can't help but create highly intricate plots when I play RPGs and other games that give you room to(like the Sims), it's just kind of part of me. I've been chronicling the whereabouts of the file I've been playing for months now with the intention of creating a story, but now I'm not sure if I should write it, and I'd like the opinion of this beautiful community before I post it.

I'm not going to get into the details of the plot, it has nothing to do with that. I'm just worried that this won't be well received, mainly because of the part which makes it a sim story by my observation, which are the photos. My earliest screen caps are not very good quality wise, and are kind of a jamble of events. The way I want to write it, at least in the beginning, doesn't really make sense with the photos, it makes me feel like a lot is missing.I also don't have the specs necessary for poseplayer and the infinite amount of poses I'd need to download to be satisfied, as I also get worried seeing the same pose over and over again would be dull. Also Also, I do not want to edit my photos in Photoshop:I don't see the point, the newer ones look really nice already, but all the Sims Stories I've really ever read edit their photos like crazy. I can easily just draw the photos I don't have, but wouldn't seeing artwork and then switch back to sim screens be jarring? I could go all out and draw all the stuff, but then wouldn't it be "sims-inspired"? Where's the fun in that?

I'm feeling kind of discouraged at this point. What do you think I should/shouldn't do?
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I think you are looking for The Creative Corner.
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Originally Posted by aeval99
I think you are looking for The Creative Corner.

thank you. I had a feeling I didn't pick the right forum category. Sorry about that.
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In fact, if you want to share your sim story, you want the Sim Stories forum. And my opinion - if you have a story you want to tell, tell it. If you're really worried, you could put a note at the beginning saying that the screenshots aren't great until chapter x, or you could even retake them. But don't keep it to yourself just because you're scared of what a handful of snobs might say.

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Morrigan, you should go for it! Your pictures will get better as you get more practice at taking them. Most people who use Photoshop do so because they enjoy editing pictures as well as writing the story. At least that's how I feel about mine. Besides, to me the pictures just enhance a Sim story. What you've written is what's most important! Also, I sort of like your idea of switching back and forth between Sim screens and artwork. It's different from other stories!
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