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Default CC in CAW: Right I didn't find a solution in the 'Help' section, so...
I'm attempting to create a custom world with a patch 1.67 Base game.
I've got my height maps and layout sorted, and now I want to place lots, and some custom content I found online -

However I'm not sure where to find the custom content within the Create-a-world tool! Could anyone help this simpleton please?

I have followed the tutorial on Mod the Sims by auntielynds here to set up the framework and I have my files in the new 'Packages' folder but nothing shows up within CAW so what am I doing wrong?
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Where did you download the stuff from? Is it made specially for caw? You may need to pop in here along the way:
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Thanks for replying!

I found them on this blog by Monsoon Creations, so I'm pretty sure they are made for CAW (it is where I first found the tutorial for setting up framework)

But yes I do have a feeling I might have to resort to starting on the complex stuff to get this to work, I really seem to have set myself up by attempting to make this world, boo

As I forgot to mention this in the original post, it doesn't have anything to do with running Windows 8 does it?
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