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The moment you go, "Awwww!" Jacob Martin has a soft spot for babies; he tries to hide it, but he couldn't put Celia Jane Stratford down after offering to give the youngest of his housemates a bottle.

The moment you agree entirely with the pets of the house. Yes, Regan Capp is obsessed with working out, and is making a spectacle of herself. Maxx and Alegra have it quite right.

The moment you realize how little anyone cares about that one Sim in a family...
Regan is thinking, Yeah, my brother's becoming a vampire too. Now, how can I make some more money?
Cornwall is thinking, One! More! Body! Point!
I have to get those two a coffee table so they can be even more of a pair of show-offs than they already are. It's coffee tables that Sims that are really good at yoga can do yoga on, right?
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