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Default I need some advice from world creators on pyramid-making…
Hey, folks. I'd like to ask for some advice on a problem I've encountered with my latest CAW project. I am trying to create a rough version of the Giza Necropolis, probably for personal use. The larger of the two default pyramid objects is perfect for Khafre's pyramid, but that leaves me with a problem. How do I make Khufu's pyramid, which is even bigger? I've had several ideas, but none of them seems to be working:

-I could increase the size of the smaller pyramid using the OMSP resizer. The problem is, I'd rather not use CC in a custom world, and I have a suspicion that it wouldn't look that good.

-I could create the pyramid as a lot. The problem here, though, is that the model for Khafre's pyramid is larger than 64×64.

-I could create the pyramid as several lots. But in my experience, neither the game nor CAW likes having lots directly side-by-side. Plus, it might look ugly.

-I could sculpt the pyramid as terrain in CAW. In theory, anyway. But the supposed square brush usually functions for me as a more broken version of the circular brush, and all of my attempts to sculpt a square building with a round brush came out looking very ugly.

-I could do something similar to what was done in the official Egypt world. But my dislike for that approach was about half of the reason for making my own to begin with.

Any ideas? I'm starting to worry that this world might be unworkable, at least for someone at my skill level.
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