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Default Tallest Rabbit Holes in Game and EP's
I am planning on making a new world for me to play around with (I doubt it will be of a high enough quality to share here) but before I start, I need figure out which Rabbit Holes to use and whether any of them should be recolored for either diversity or fitting together in the same theme (or at least so they don't clash too much).

My question is what are the tallest, highest density, most urban Rabbit Holes across not only the base game but also the Expansion Packs and store worlds? I plan on recoloring rabbit holes and changing their functions so that I have a different rabbit hole for each function because most of the rabbit holes in Bridgeport serve the function of a couple of different rabbit holes in Sunset Valley. I bought all the expansion packs on discount and a couple of store worlds (I am still waiting for Midnight Hollow to go on sale...)

My end-goal is to have a sub-tropical port city on a large map with as many skyscrapers as possible (as long as they don't clash too much). I am thinking of creating a city somewhat reminiscent of a combination of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, possibly with a little hint of New York City and Seattle. I plan on making it utilize as many of the expansion packs as possible but with no mods and as little store content as possible (besides Rabbit Holes from worlds like Roaring Heights, which I have). I read somewhere that recoloring and repurposing Rabbit Holes does not require downloading of separate mods so if I ever plan on sharing my world, my friends would not have to worry about downloading mods.

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I think, the tallest ones are from Into the Future, located in Oasis Landing, but they are rather specific. There are observatory, city hall and hospital+science center. Oh, and the cinema and bookstore+spa in Bridgeport (Late Night) are rather tall. You can check them out by yourself in build mode under the community objects category, to have a better idea.
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