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Default Maxis Neighborhoods and Subhoods
I have a hunch that, while there's lots of brilliant original neighborhoods out there (I mean, there's already a thread full of pictures of them), there's also a lot of Simmers who don't have the patience to build up their entire city from scratch, and instead go for improving the various neighborhoods that shipped with the game. So, for those of you who think your Pleasantview is more pleasant, your Strangetown stranger, or your Belladonna Cove... bella-i-er? (the pattern fell apart there), show us what you got! Have you transformed Three Lakes into a gorgeous mountaintop ski resort? Does Académie Le Tour look like a true Ivy League school in your game? Show off how you've one-upped Maxis in your game!

I'll start with what I've done with the standard Downtown- not much of a coherent theme to this neighborhood, but you can see how much more built up I've made it (and probably recognize a few of my skyscrapers in there ).

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How did you make downtown not dark?

BTW, I have way too many of your lots in my game Zarathustra. My computer grunts at you! :D
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You toggle the day-night switch in options.

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Or press L on keyboard. Works in neighborhood View and lot view.

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The only word that comes to mind right now is: WOW (pronounced W-O-W!).
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Oh, come on guys! I'm glad you like mine, but I want to see some of YOUR Maxis neighborhoods too!

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