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My MTS Neighborhood
This is pretty much a big thank you thread to all the wonderful creators and people responsible for this site!

I've never had a long term neighborhood in Sims 2 because 1) I hate Maxis lots and hoods and 2) I don't have a creative bone in my body and can't make my own houses. So, I typically download lots but then they end up looking like a jumbled up mess with no cohesion so I end up quitting.

This time, I decided to make the neighborhood first instead of making it as a I go along. This way I could change and redesign things easily until it fit what I wanted. I started a new neighborhood, attached the uberhood subhoods from Tarlia, stole the sims and graves and then deleted the subhoods and went to work.

I love the result! Every single lot is downloaded from here, MTS, except for one lot in the downtown which is the only Maxis lot I like (the DT townhouse). There were many more lots that I wanted to use, but couldn't fit them in - I must have downloaded hundreds of lots over the past week. Thanks to all the creators who make stunning neighborhoods possible for people like me!

I won't include pictures of the main hood and the Uni. For the main hood, I'm using West Weasels as a whole and for Uni, Brainania. Phaenoh and the late Mootilda definitely saved me a lot of work with these beautiful neighborhoods.

Downtown Village, featuring an industrial/warehouse area, followed by the main downtown with the shops, clubs and hangouts. Then you have the residential area and up at the top, the slums. The terrain is Nepheris's Springvale -

I have 3 shopping districts.

The first is Sand Dollar Point, using Phae's Sand Simeleon Point terrain (I only changed the name because I can't spell it otherwise, ha). This is a little area where the artists and eccentrics like to live. The elderly tend to retire here as well. It's the type of neighborhood that people drive through just to look at the pretty houses and perhaps stop at the interesting little shops. I just wish I could build decent looking lots, so that I could built beach lots to go with it (I've tried downloading a billion from here, but of course, none of them fit).

The second district is New Verona, using Nepheris's Maple Lake terrain. This is a medieval-esque hood fit for my Veronaville sims. Up top is a run down, spooky area that residents gossip about being haunted (built for the Goths and Tricous). I think I am going to go back and make the pine trees on the right blend into the forest on the bottom right.

And the last area is Enchanted Cliff, using the Merrycliff terrain by w_sims. It's for all those faeries, witches, and the like. Whether you like to live in hobbit holes, mushrooms, castles, the great outdoors, cottages.. all are welcomed! (unfortunately, this is a fall picture so the trees aren't green, didn't notice until just now)

I believe that I have a spot that fits everyone now in my uberhood and I can get rid of all the Maxis crap. I still need to redo the vacation neighborhoods, but I rarely go on vacation so I don't know when I will do it. All lots were downloaded here, but a few were changed from community to residential, residential to community, and the shop types changed (I only need so many florists!). Thanks again. :-)
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