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Hello,I need SERIOUS help!I have been struggling trying to install Sims 3 on my computer and all I get are Cyclic Redundancy Error non stop and File: :D\Game\bin\es-MX\Sims 3Launcher.resources.dll the device is not ready!I just bought a replacement Base Game thinking that maybe the 1st original disc was too old, and under the impression that the Computer couldn't read it and unfortunately I was wrong.Now it just refuses the new disk all the same and it won't ask for the registration code at all and It doesn't have any old leftover files of the Sims 3 on there either!My computer accepts Sims 2 and expansions and etc. just FINE!But when it comes to trying to install Sims 3 it's HELL! I truly need assistance to this and all I do is just play Sims 3!Is that too much to ask! X(
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You should read through this:

You may find something there that will help. By the way, you really should have posted this in the Help section.
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Well I discovered that My computer had remnant data of Old Sims 3 files and I got rid of it! And now it asks for the registry code!That was one part of the Battle but now I get ENDLESS popups of errors left and right all over the installation!The new disc and old disc are fine!This is just a really ANNOYING situation and I'm truly exhausted.
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Yes, you are doing a complete re-install. So it's going to ask you for the code that came with the disc, and it's not going to install properly without it. Check the back of the case, and the back of the manual.

(Or, if you've registered your game, you can find it in your account at the Exchange.)

Otherwise, I hope you made a backup of the registry before deleting the remnants of your old Sims 3 installation. The code would have been in the registry, although if you've gotten your old installation completely gone it's not there anymore.

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Problem Solved! My computer having problems and my Sims 3 discs work on my other computers.
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