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Default Freakish Sims(V1)
It's time to give your ugliest and freakish sims some attention. So I dedicated this post for all freakish sims in the world!
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There was a similar thread a few years ago. Here's one of mine after an attempt on the cosmetic surgery machine.

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Poor thing...
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I think she's pretty cute. I don't know why you'd think of her as freakish.

Now, my avatar on the other hand ...
(made from this)
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This girl's mom is actually a beauty (for a lizard)

THIS one was too extreme even for ME ..OMG elephant ears!

Namaste... or "go"
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I found these screen shots of my avatar and some of his offspring on a hard drive from my old computer. The pictures date from 2005 and 2006.

Romance sim and alien genetic invader Seeder Vood. His mission was to colonize SimEarth with his offspring by various townie women.

Seeder Vood wearing Cool Shades to impress a date. (My avatar picture was cropped from this.)

Seeder Vood's teen son by Sandy Bruty.

Seeder Vood's child son by Brandi LeTourneau.

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Default Cyclop twins
I created a cyclop family a few time ago they have cyclop twins babies, (I will post more photos of them soon)
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OHAI thread! How didn't I notice that this existed?

Anyway, have my humble offerings. This is Sprocket and his son Bracken, from a prettacy project.

Sprocket's sister Bolton, co-heir in the main family. (Sprocket is a spare.)

Cousin Thistle, who is part frog, I believe.

The prettacy founding couple.
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The cyclop twins have aged up!
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