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Default Changing descriptions of Buffs in Game
I am very very new to trying to mod. And I am trying to start off small. So please talk to me like I am a 4 year old when answering this question.

So I have some mods installed but the modder never got around to typing up descriptions for all the custom stuff. So sometimes when I make my sim do stuff a notification will appear that says "description.rejected.task"

The entire tasks works fine. I just want to add a description! I downloaded S3PE anndd.. I dont know what to look for. buff descriptions? Where are those? Moodlet descriptions?
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Hello TelloSnap - It would help if you could tell us what mod(s) you are trying to use.
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Actually! I found it. i had to right click on the files tagged as STBL. Then I changed those dialogue descriptions in there and it worked in the game! Thank you though barbarat!
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