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Default Wasted some really good sims on Food Register duty..
I crafted all these really good sims, made an effort on their looks, personality, likes (for example, clothing colors match their favor colors, clothes style isn't unrealted to their personality, family relationships and so on).

Start up the game, and bam! Find one of my works of art running a 24/7 food register, effectively never going to be home.

What does that? I took out the register and Story progression mods. I thought EA story progression would fill those positions with homeless service sims. How do I make it so that it wouldn't pull my hand crafted sims into service positions like that?
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It seems to pick on unemployed sims. I have a similar situation with sims that I have created simply as characters in a story. I don't give them jobs myself, but the game appears to give them jobs whenever I'm playing another household. Thus, Quincy Grime, one of the villains of my 'Scumthorpe' story apparently works for Abigail Parker, who's supposed to be one of the servants in at Dunwarren Hall. I didn't realize that until I was halfway through shooting screenshots for a chapter that she was in and she suddenly had to go to work! I don't have either Register or Story Progression installed at present, so the best I can do is use Master Controller to change them back to unemployed.

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I've had exactly the same thing happen to me, too! An option might be to register those carefully crafted sims as self-employed to avoid this problem. (Usually they just need a skill point in one of a number of different skills to register at City Hall as self-employed.) Or, if it works with your game plan, you could play them long enough to get them jobs in their desired professions/area. There might be an option in a mod to do this but I don't know. Otherwise, as you've discovered, the game engine will assign them to random jobs - usually totally unrelated to their traits or lifetime wish - or stick them at a register, bar, and so forth. This especially happens at the start of a new game when few "townies" have been generated to be available for service positions.
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If you keep registere you can unassign them from the job and manually select another sim to do it. I don't remember which mod exactly has the setting, it's probably register, where you select what type of sims to pick for register related jobs.
If you still don't want the game to assign them a career I believe story progression and I think careers will allow you to set their job as unemployed.
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Yep, it's Register from NRAAS that lets you manually assign people to run registers, or assign one to replace the one who got caught in the fire caused by having a sim actually light a fire in the fireplace that is surrounded by carpets, artwork, furniture, and decorative fire tools...

(Not that I ever actually had that happen. No, really, I didn't.)

I think "Register as self-employed" is the setting that keeps the sim from being considered available for register duty after you have freed them up.

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Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll edit the town in CAW and create a bunch of homeless sims so EA SP won't enslave my hand crafted sims.

Register was conflicting with another mod... And I wasn't really using SP for anything so I took it off to speed up the game.
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