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Default The place where you live(d)
I thought I saw a thread about this at one time but can't find it. A lot of players recreate a house they lived in or currently live in. I thought it would be cool to see them.
The house below was where I grew up from the ages of 10 to 18. I built it in game a long time ago and never got around to finishing the landscaping or interior decoration. It's not an exact copy but close enough.

Back view

(That second brown glasshouse was actually an aviary.)

One day I might finish it properly.
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Not long ago, I recreated my current house in Sims 2. I literally just opened my game and took a bunch of pictures of it for this thread, but for some reason they're not showing up in the storytelling folder. Possibly because there was no family living in that copy of the house?

Here's a few pictures I do have though of it. I have a few copies, this one contains the sim verisons of myself, boyfriend, my younger brother and our dog, Taz.

The livingroom:

My Study (which will soon be turned into a Nursery irl ) - Pretty accurate, even down to the IKEA chair I got from my Dad

The back yard. Or some of it at least...
In real life, there's a steep hill right behind the back garden fence, leading to a cow field, so you'd probably see a cows head popping up from in the distance - but instead it's just a blue sky!

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I've always wanted to build my home...

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I did this once but it was only for decoration, and I don't have the file anymore...
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Build it!
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Finally got some pictures of my build of my current house


Inside (landlord doesn't let us in the garage so not a clue what's actually in there, but it made for a great place to put my simself's easel)

We're still in the process of moving in though, so I imagine the interior is going to be outdated soon. It doesn't make for a good sims house though either. So many routing issues!!

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